Fan TV app gives Amazon Fire TV owners a new way to discover Movies and TV shows


Fan TV is a new app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick that lets you search for, and browse lists of, movies and TV shows available through only the streaming services you care about. After selecting from Fan TV’s large list of streaming providers, you’re able to browse through curated and popular lists of content available. The app detects which streaming apps you have installed and integrates perfectly with the Fire TV by allowing you start playing content immediately when you select a movie or TV show within Fan TV.


A account, which can’t be created through the app itself, is required to use the app. Once you login, you select from a list of supported services, which includes Amazon Video, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Showtime, HBO, and many more.


The main menu is sparse with only four options: Movies, Shows, Search, and Settings. Movies and Shows are where you’ll spend most of your time browsing through lists to find available content. Search is self explanatory, but it’s worth mentioning the app uses it’s own on-screen keyboard which I feel is inferior to the Fire TV’s default on-screen keyboard and is a chore to use. The settings section is where you can further fine tune your selected services, so you’ll want to pop in there before digging further into the app. You can also adjust your settings and service selection through the website.


Once in the Movies or Shows section, you’ll find curated lists as well as lists of popular and newly added content. Lists, like “Prime Movies” and “New to Rent”, will be tailored to the services you’ve selected, meaning you won’t see a list of rentable movies if you’ve only selected subscription services.


In addition to curated lists, you can also browse by content genres. The app also encourages you to add items to a watch list and mark movies and shows as seen. With smartphone and tablet apps for all major platforms, one can easily find and add content on the go and bring up your person list on the Fire TV when you get home.


Selecting a single movie or TV show will display a list of the streaming services, along with relevant prices, that the item is available from. Selecting any of the subscription options from the list will immediately launch the appropriate app and begin playing the content. Selecting a rental or purchase option will open the default payment dialogue for that service. The task of playing content is as seamless and smooth as the Fire TV’s own interface, making for a very pleasant experience.


Fan TV does a great job of helping you find movies and TV shows from the services you care about, while hiding everything else that may get in your way. With the recent addition of the Fire TV’s “Your Videos” section, Amazon is doing a better job of customizing the Fire TV’s content selection to each individual customer, but they still have a way to go. The control of being able to explicitly select which services I want to include and exclude within Fan TV is a refreshing option I wish Amazon would adopt. If Fan TV added an “Apps” section that allowed you to quickly launch other apps, one could strongly consider using it as their primary interface for the Fire TV. The ability to see Amazon Prime and Netflix content mixed into one interface, which the Fire TV still can’t provide due to Netflix’s anti-Amazon ways, is reason enough for me to keep Fan TV installed and in my most recently used app list.

  1. Will G says:

    Pretty sweet! Now if only Amazon would either go Ultraviolet … or Vudu would finally make it’s way to Android TV.

  2. Geo says:

    This is amazing :D !
    If it also could integrate voice search that’d be awesome !

    Thank you :)

    • guest says:

      Fan TV has conversational voice search integrated in Nexus player, Amazon doesn’t allow voice search for 3rd party applications.

  3. Travis says:

    Why can’t Amazon and Netflix play well together? I realize they are competing content providers, but is anyone with an AFTV not also a Netflix customer? They really need each other.

  4. Joe says:

    Sounds great, how is this app making money for its developers? Does it have any risky permissions?

  5. shwru980r says:

    Tivo is still the best device for integrated search among all desired content providers that they offer.

  6. atone says:

    Thanks for the nice app info!
    I’ve been waiting for anything to help search for netflix & hulu content better. Amazon only listed Hulu content with Amazon, but not Netflix.
    So this is atleast a starting point. I’ll check it out later to see how I like it.

  7. vulcan195 says:

    – Great App (needs work)
    – Searches AMAZON Prime database and allows direct play
    – Searches Netflix database and allows direct play
    – Searches Showtime database and allows direct play
    – Searches HULU PLUS and allows direct play
    – No direct play for HBO GO – just takes you to the app main page
    – No direct play for History Channel
    – Searching for all “playable” movies by ACTOR does not work. It pulls up all movies instead of only movies that are available on my list of providers.
    – Overall – shows a lot of promise and looking forward to the next version.

    Does not play HBO GO selections directly – just takes you to the app

    • atone says:

      just tested it and direct playback works for hulu, but not netflix for me. netflix just logs me in to netflix user login page with
      3or4 users as choices. Maybe if there is only one netflix user then it will work (not sure). I’m also on FTV gen1 (not gen2) so not sure if gen2 is better for netflix.

      • atone says:

        Great app for finding extra info on actors, other related movies, slideshow for each show, & search by genre and by other lists!

        I hope more improvements come in the future like easier typing with external keyboard and adding more useful features.

        • atone says:

          The only other thing I can complain about is it accumulates a lot of data storage for large watch lists, pictures,etc ~300+MB for me, so you must have atleat 1 to 1.5 gb available storage. Otherwise ftv becomes laggy on games when storage falls below 500mb. You can clear the data in app managemnt if this happens, but then you will have to login again.

  8. Jonny says:

    Cool, too bad that Fan.TV doesn’t make it easier to choose the episodes/movies that you have seen though.

  9. J.C says:

    U.S. only. AGAIN.
    Really tired of reading these articles, getting excited then trying to find the app and finding it’s not available in the UK.
    Is it possible to add this info into the articles in future?

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