Fake cancel your Prime Video Channel subscriptions for potential hidden discounts

If you’re subscribed to any Prime Video Channels, you can potentially save yourself a few dollars by taking a minute to pretend to cancel your subscription. Several people who subscribed to Paramount+ through Prime Video Channels just to watch the Super Bowl have told me that they were shown a hidden discounted offer during the cancelation process. Since canceling online and resubscribing takes just a few clicks and there’s no interruption in service, it’s probably worth trying to see if you can unlock a hidden offer for yourself.

Head over to your list of Prime Video Channel subscriptions on Amazon and click to cancel one of your existing subscriptions. When you do so, you’ll be shown several options, like being reminded to cancel later, before the subscription is actually canceled. Among the options might be a hidden offer to not cancel, such as paying a reduced price of $0.99 for the next two months.

Depending on the service you’re subscribed to, you may need to click to confirm the cancelation before being shown a hidden discount offer. Even if you do go through the cancelation process, your access to the service won’t be cut off until the end of your current billing cycle. So, if you go through with the cancelation but don’t get a discounted offer, you just need to reload the page in order to see a new link that restarts your subscription. You won’t be charged twice, since your canceled subscription is still active until your next billing cycle, and your subscription will continue as usual as if you never canceled.

  1. Gary says:

    Maybe people should really cancel to get rid joker that they hired. We have always put up with stuff but since he came it’s bad really. Billionaires raising prices and adding.

  2. Greg says:

    It’s true!! I decided to do a cleanup the other day. I canceled Paramount +, STARZ, AMC, and Peacock. On almost every one of them, they offered a new cheaper package to try and win me back.

  3. VJ says:

    I just tried AMC+ commercial free and received a promotion to keep it and pay $4.49 for the next three months.

    Thanks Elias!

  4. Strang says:

    I tried to cancel Paramount, AMC, and Starz. Paramount was the cheapest deal at .99 for 2 months, but the other 2 were just half price for 3 months, which isn’t bad if I was going to pay full price anyway.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Kary says:

    I had this happen about 3-4 months ago when I was going to cancel Britbox. The reduced price will end soon so I’ll probably cancel after looking at their current content. I’ve actually watched quite a bit during this period, so it’s worked out well for me.

  6. oasis_005 says:

    THUMBS UP Elias. Just got 3-month deals on Acorn TV, Britbox, PBS Masterpiece, PBS Living, Hallmark Movies NOW and a 2-month deal on MGM+.

  7. oppman35 says:

    yeah im not down with the ADS … its time to cancel for real

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