Extremely rare Fire TV Remote sale could indicate a new model will soon be released

While sales on Fire TV streaming devices are very common, something that hardly ever goes on sale is the standard Alexa Voice Remote that comes with most Fire TV models. On the very rare occasions that it does go on sale, it’s usually for a specific reason. That said, the Fire TV remote just dropped from $29.99 to $24.99 as a limited time deal. While the $5 discount is laughable, considering the Fire TV Stick, which comes with this exact remote, is frequently available for less than the cost of this remote deal, it does beg the question why is it going on sale this time?

The current standard Fire TV remote was released just over three years ago when it replaced the previous remote, which didn’t have app buttons or a guide button. While Amazon calls the current remote the “3rd Gen” remote, there have been many more than three Fire TV remote versions over the years. Heck, even the current remote was quietly replaced about a year after it was released with a new version that looked and functioned the same, but used a different model number and, presumbaly, different circuitry.

The only time the current Fire TV remote has ever been on sale was at the tail end of 2022. The only reason that sale occurred was because the Echo Show 15 had just gained Fire TV capabilities and Amazon wanted to encourage people who owned it to buy a remote for it. To emphasize how rare a Fire TV remote sale is, the most recent Fire TV remote sale before that was in 2019 when Amazon released the 2nd Gen remote. The only reason it went on sale then was because people were upset that they just purchased Fire TVs with the old remote during Black Friday and holiday sales.

So, in the last 5 years, there have only been two sales for the standard Fire TV remote, and both were due to special circumstances. Why, then, is the standard remote going on sale now for, seemingly, no reason? One boring possible reason is Amazon is changing the app shortcut buttons again and wants to clear out remotes with the old buttons. The top two app buttons are always for Prime Video and Netflix, but the bottom two have changed over the years and are currently for DirecTV and Peacock in the US.

Admittedly, changing the buttons isn’t a great explanation for the remote going on sale because this remote model used to have Disney+ and Hulu as the bottom two app buttons when it was introduced and Amazon didn’t put the remote on sale when it switched to DirecTV and Peacock buttons. The supply of remotes with the old app buttons just kept being sold alongside the new remotes, with no way to know which version buyers would receive, until they eventually ran out of the remotes with the older app buttons.

A more interesting reason could be that Amazon is preparing to release an entirely new remote soon and the reason for this sale is to thin out the stockpile of the soon-to-be old remote. While we know Amazon is working on a new OS that may replace Android on Fire TV devices, there haven’t been any leaks of new Fire TV models or new remotes. It’s expected that, if Amazon does use its new OS on Fire TVs, it will happen on an entirely new model. The Fire TV Stick Lite and regular Fire TV Stick are currently the oldest models in the Fire TV lineup, so those are the most likely candidates to be replaced next. This remote sale could be an indication that the next version of the Fire TV Stick won’t only come with a new OS, but a new remote as well.

  1. WalterTobiasFrankfurter says:

    I do not like remotes with the quick access buttons… I prefer the 2018 2nd gen remote.

    • Adam says:

      Completely agree. IMHO, peak Fire TV was the 2nd gen cube: More processing than would ever be necessary for a media streamer, more storage than you would need for a media streamer, clean and basic remote control. Nowhere to go but down after that.

    • tech3475 says:

      The main reason I’ve read as to why these buttons exist is usually either some kind of certification requirement or essentially paid advertising.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re betting on some kind of psychological reason e.g. you see the button and you feel compelled to use it, especially if it coaxes the user away from a rival.

      In the case of the 2021 remote shown, one of the companies makes the device, one of the companies I believe has had it a requirement and is popular and the other two are (mostly) owned by Disney.

  2. BiggieP says:

    They need to Release another Pro Remote but this Time with USB C Charging Port

    • fire_user says:

      amen! I dont know if its just mine or others too but the pro remote uses a lot of batteries for me. I change them every 3 or so months.

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