Explanation of all of the Amazon Fire TV Recast Series Recording Options

The Amazon Fire TV Recast has nmrous series recording options. They allow you to control which episode sin a series are recorded, how they’re recorded, the quality of the recording, when a recording can be autoatically deleted to make room for new recordings, and more. Here’s a breakdown of all the available options and what each one means.

The Fire TV Recast has several series recording settings that you can configure. Each series can have a different configuration of these settings. You can also configure the settings that are used by default each time you schedule a series to be recorded. Default series recording options can be set under the Fire TV’s Settings > Live TV > Live TV Sources > Fire TV Recast > DVR menu. They can also be set using the Fire TV app on a mobile device under Settings > Fire TV Recast > Default Recording Options.

Recording Extension Buffer

The first two settings under the recording options are labeled as “Start Recording” and “Stop Recording.” These settings allow you set whether you want to start recording exactly when an episode in a series is scheduled to air, or if you want to add a buffer so that extra video is recorded before and/or after the episode. The available buffer quantities are: On Time, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. You don’t need to set the same buffer the start as you do for the end. Each can be set individually.

This feature is useful to ensure that you don’t miss the start or end of an episode that might begin a little early or run a little late. It comes in handy for sports where there might be unexpected overtime or extra innings that air after the scheduled time for the game. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to set a recording buffer for a single episode, so if you want to set a buffer, you have to set the entire series to be recorded and set the buffer in the series settings.

Deletion Protection

The Fire TV Recast allows you to protect an individual episode so that it will never be deleted, no matter how full the hard drive gets. A protected episode will have a lock icon in the upper right corner of the episode image. In the series settings, you can set the “Protect” option to “Yes” to automatically protect all recordings in that series.

When a series option is set to be protected, all existing recordings of the series are also protected. Likewise, when protection is disabled in the series options, all existing recordings of that series that are set to be protected will be unprotected. This provides an easy way to simultaneously toggle all existing recordings to be protected or unprotected, without needing to set each episode setting individually.

Automatic Deletion

The “Keep At Most” option for a series determines how many of the most recent recordings should be kept. The options available are 5, 15, 20, or all episodes. Even if there is available space, this setting is followed. So, if the setting is set to keep 5 episodes and 5 recordings exist, the oldest recording will be deleted when a new episode is recorded, even if there is room on the hard drive for the new recording and all 5 other recordings.

When the previous “Protect” series option is set to “Yes,” the “Keep At Most” option is disabled, since all episodes will be protected and kept. That said, setting the “Keep At Most” option to “All Episodes” is not equivalent to setting the “Protect” option to “Yes.” If a series is unprotected but set to keep all episodes, the Fire TV Recast will continue to store all new episodes until it runs out of storage space. At that point, when a new recording needs to be stored, it will delete the oldest episode that is unprotected, even if the series is set to keep all episodes. Essentially, settings series to “keep at most all episodes” is like setting it to keep as many as possible, as long as there is free space for new recordings.

Only New Episodes

Next is a series option that is simply labeled “Recording Preference.” This option lets you set a series recording to only record new episodes or all episodes. When set to only record new episodes, the Fire TV Recast will not record rerun episodes that have previously aired. Only episodes that are airing for the first time will be recorded.

When you set a series to be recorded, the Fire TV Recast will record episodes of that series regardless of what channel they air on. It’s, however, smart enough to not record duplicate episodes. This is nice if your goal is to accumulate as many episodes of a series as possible, but if you only want first-run episodes from a show’s main channel, setting this option to “New episodes” will achieve that result.

Quality Preference

Lastly, the Fire TV Recast has an “Image Quality” setting that is fairly self-explanatory. This option allows you to set whether you only want HD recordings of a series, only SD recordings, or if you prefer one over the other but are fine with both, or if you have no preference.

I’m not sure if the Fire TV Recast is smart enough to replace an existing SD recording of a particular episode with a newer HD version that airs in the future. As previously mentioned, the Fire TV Recast normally will not record a duplicate episode, but replacing an SD recording with an HD recording, or even storing both versions, is one instance where you might not want it to ignore a duplicate airing.

  1. Paul Savage says:

    hi have asked this a few times but no o e has answered, does the recast work with m3u8 urls like plex/emby ect? or is it tuner only

  2. Justin Seine says:

    When scheduling recordings is there a way to advance the date to the date you want to schedule an individual recording short of scrolling through hour by hour by hour until you get to the date/time of the show you wish to schedule? I have not been able to find a way to do it.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, there is currently no way to manually set the date and/or time of a recording. You’ll need to find what you want to record in the channel guide or using search and select to record it from there.

    • Tracy Bond says:

      You can speak into the microphone on the remote and say..”alexa record the series last man standing”. This feature allows you to record series without using the guide.

  3. Norman Penn says:

    A generic question. Reading the specs on the Recast device, only for OTA signals. How about the cable signals for RV parks as an example. The cable signal generated to the RV, works with the internal TV tuner straight out of the cable. Other words no encryption. No guide with this approach. I will order the Recast if it will DVR these signals.

    Anyone have any knowledge if it will work?

    • Rick Hurst says:

      The Fire TV Recast ONLY records from an OTA antenna. There NO other inputs. Do NOT order if you want to record from any other source other than an OTA antenna.

  4. Jackie says:

    I have a recording of Hawaii 5-0 on the recast that plays fine via the remote. If I say Alexa play Hawaii 5-0 from DVR, it brings up all the ways I can buy it on Amazon, but won’t play the recording. That wording is exactly what Amazon has on their help pages. Anyone had any luck with this?

    • Jackie Baker says:

      PS, I called their tech support. The girl didn’t even know what the Recast was…..

      • Rick Hurst says:

        Just another issue we early adopters have to figure out on our own. I’ve had a similar problem trying to play something I’ve recorded via remote and it almost always launches the HULU app. I’ve also had to explain what the Recast is to two Amazon techs.

  5. Brett says:

    Will there be an option coming that will allow us to manually set time,date and channel we want to record. i.e. old school VHS recorder

    • Jason says:

      I’d like to know this as well. I live in the Balt/WashDC area- I can pick up both Balt and DC HD channels. If I say record “Law and Order”, I’d like to be able to specify whether I want it recorded from NBC channel 11 (Balt) , versus NBC channel 9 in DC. No way to tell recast which channel to record from.

  6. Mark says:

    I accidentally scheduled a series recording for a show I am not interested in. I can not cancel it. I have followed all the guides. Tried a couple of suggested paths. I see the unwanted daily shows scheduled I select one, hit menu and press cancel recording. It gives no message but the show is still there and can’t be removed. Would be nice to delete the entire series at once (right now 12 shows showing for the next 2 weeks)

  7. Homer says:

    The Auto-Delete Episode Limit works differently than described above. Even if the limit is set to 5 episodes, the Recast will keep all recorded episodes until the hard drive fills up. Then it will delete the oldest unprotected recording (of any show) as needed. My Recast kept 100+ episodes of shows even with the limit set to 5. Amazon Tech Support confirmed that is how their device works.

    • Matthew Nelms says:

      Mine does the same. Wish it would actually work. I have 40 shows when set to only keep 5 at most. Bug in software?

  8. Alan says:

    Does anyone else not see a high light function when you use menu to tell recast to save channel as a favorite?

  9. Pat Hanlon says:

    Can recast record Fubo tv

  10. Pat Hanlon says:

    What is the best antenna having a hard time getting channels with the antop AT 106B

  11. DQ says:

    Is there a way to order a series episodes in chronological order? It seems crazy it doesn’t do this automatically

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