Exclusive: Best Buy to release 6 new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions that range from 24 to 55 inches

Amazon and Best Buy announced a collaboration earlier this year that would facilitate the release of “more than 10” new Fire TV Edition televisions from Toshiba and Insignia. Toshiba has since released 6 new Fire TV Edition televisions this year, but no Fire TV Edition televisions from Best Buy’s house brand Insignia have been released. New information that I’ve discovered indicates that Best Buy will very likely be releasing 6 new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions in the coming months. They appear to have screen sizes of 24, 32, 39, 43, 50, and 55 inches and consist of 720p, 1080p, and 4K UHD resolutions.

A Bluetooth declaration listing that I discovered shows Best Buy registering 12 new unreleased Smart LED TV models. These TVs are certainly the promised Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions because they follow Insignia’s model number conventions and are described as including a “Voice Remote with Alexa system.”

The 12 TV models appear to consist of 6 different screen sizes that are each listed twice; once as North American variants and once as Canadian variants. The first two digits followed by a “D” in the model number indicate the diagonal screen size in inches of these TVs and the center three digits very likely indicate the resolution of the TVs, where “310” is for 720p, “510” is for 1080p, and “710” is for 2160p 4K televisions. It is unknown if any of the TVs will support HDR because that is not something that Insignia indicates by their TV model numbers.

If my model number decoding is correct, it appears as though Best Buy will release Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions in the following specs:

  • 24-inch 720p (HD)
  • 32-inch 720p (HD)
  • 39-inch 1080p (Full HD)
  • 43-inch 2160p (Ultra HD 4K)
  • 50-inch 2160p (Ultra HD 4K)
  • 55-inch 2160p (Ultra HD 4K)

Similarly specced Insignia TVs running Roku OS that are currently available range in retail price from $149.99 for a 720p 24-inch set to $429.99 for a 4K HDR 55-inch set. I’d expect Insignia’s Fire TV Edition TVs to be priced slightly higher, due to the additional effort required to adapt the new operating system. An Underwriters Laboratories (UL) page listing for these unreleased TV model numbers indicates that all of these new Fire TV Edition televisions will be manufactured by Top Victory Electronics Co., Ltd. which is a Taiwanese company that Best Buy has used in the past to produce Insignia-branded televisions.

Best Buy is already listing and selling Insignia-branded replacement remotes for these unreleased Fire TV Edition televisions. Apart from the Insignia logo at the bottom, the remote for these new TVs appears to be identical to the remote that ships with Toshiba’s Fire TV Edition televisions. This is similar to 1st-generation Fire TV Edition televisions from Element and Wetinghouse in 2017 which, apart from different logos, also used identical remotes to each other.

Looking through the code of Amazon’s Fire OS 6, which is the opperating system that runs these Fire TV Edition televisions, I found references to the codenames “Joyce,” “Elka,” and “Device_1551036” as unreleased Fire TV Edition televisions. “Keira” and “Blanche” are the codenames for Toshiba’s already released 4K and HD Fire TV Edition televisions, respectively. “Joyce” and “Elka” appear to be related to “Keira” and “Blanche,” as indicated by the CPU abbreviates “MST12” and “AMR311” in their associated model names. For this reason I beleive that “Joyce” and “Elka” are the Canadian variants of Toshiba’s American “Keira” and “Blanche” models.

That leaves “Device_1551036” as the last remaing unknown Fire TV Edition television code reference, since “Margo” is the codename for the 1st-generation Fire TV Edition televisions from Element and Westinghouse. All other codnames listed are stand-alone Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Stick devices that have already been released. My guess is that “Device_1551036” is likely the reference or placeholder for the unreleased Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions.

Amazon and Best Buy have said that the Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions will be released in 2018. Since they’ll likely try to get them out before Black Friday in November, it shouldn’t be long before they’re available.

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