[UPDATED] Every single Fire TV Smart TV Black Friday Deal that is live — TCL, Hisense, Toshiba, Insignia, & more

It’s Black Friday week and while every Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube are on sale, so are nearly all the Fire TV Smart TVs. Some of the best deals are the 43-inch TCL S3 1080p Fire TV for $99.99, which is $50 less than it has ever been in the past, the 50-inch Toshiba C350 4K Dolby Vision Fire TV for $219.99, and the 65-inch Insignia F30 4K HDR10 Fire TV for $339.99, which is $40 less than it has ever been in the past. There are plenty more deals with over 40 TVs to choose from. Here is a list of every Fire TV Smart TV Black Friday deal and how the current sale price compares to past sales.

24-32in 720p Fire TV Smart TVs

24-43in 1080p Fire TV Smart TVs

43in 4K Fire TV Smart TVs

50-58in 4K Fire TV Smart TVs

65-75in 4K Fire TV Smart TVs

  1. Tj says:

    Disappointed to see the Amazon Omni Qled Tvs aren’t the cheapest they’ve ever been. Was thinking for months they’d drop much lower than this.

    • Mark says:

      Black Friday is no more. These are nothing more than a continuation of sales they have all year long. Vaya Con Dios, Black Friday…

  2. Mark says:

    Hilarious “SALE”! Toshiba C350, 55″ 4K for the ‘Black Friday’ price of $280! Only problem is I bought the same set 3 weeks ago for $30 less.

    • Adam says:

      CamelCamelCamel is your friend.

      Along with that, I rarely buy anything significant off Amazon that I haven’t had parked in my wish-list, watching and waiting for real sale prices.
      Doing so really shows you how ruthless and widespread fake sale pricing is.

      • Careful because I’ve found that Camel and Keepa don’t accurately track Prime Day prices. This is why I always include a comparison to the lowest past price (including Prime Day) for each TV. Essentially, the main TVs worth considering are the ones I’ve marked as “Matches lowest price” or “New lowest price.”

        • Adam says:

          Good info Elias, thanks.
          Like I said, I also usually park stuff I want to buy in my wish list, which allows me to really see an actual good price for an item is.
          For instance, one item I’m watching has flashy “Black Friday Deal” and 20% off banners, despite being the same price it was a week and a half ago.
          Just lame, Amazon…

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