Eufy Genie Smart Speaker w/ Alexa on sale for $19.99 — Lowest Price Ever

The Eufy Genie is on sale for $19.99 on Amazon. This is the lowest price that the Genie has ever been. If you’re not familiar with the Eufy Genie, it’s an Alexa smart speaker that is nearly identical to the Amazon Echo Dot. I reviewed it in detail when it was released, but the summary is that it’s a good way to dip your toes into an Alexa speaker. If you already have Alexa devices in your home, the Genie is a good cheap way to add Alexa to a room that you’re not going to use too often, but still occasionally want access to Alexa. The pros of the Eufy Genie are its price and that it sounds better than the Echo Dot. The cons are that it doesn’t have Bluetooth and it doesn’t have the few features that Amazon reserves for their Echo devices, like Alexa calling and messaging.

  1. Charlie says:

    A quick look at reviews reveals it does not connect to a group, which is definitely reason not buy if you have other Echos.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yeah, that’s among the “Echo only” features of Alexa. I really should write a post with a list of the features only available on Echo devices so that I can just link to them whenever I write about an Alexa device not made by Amazon.

      • T-Wolf says:

        Please do.

        My observation as the owner of several of these devices is that Anker seems to be diminishing rather than expanding the Genie feature set. They have been promising significant updates since at least last Fall, but none have been released (ESP excepted). The Genie web page continues to promise future updates such as “Alexa calling and messaging.” See When? My patience wears thin.

        If they are going to take away AirPlay capability, as suggested in a post below, the Genie will be useless to me. I am very disappointed.

  2. fred says:

    I’m interested in this for my bedroom to control PlayStation Vue, Hulu, and Prime music with my voice. Will this work?

    • Mark says:

      It will work fine. As long as you are not expecting a Dot, you will love the Eufy…for the price, anyway. LOL

  3. Michael says:

    The Genie is good if you don’t have other Dots around or other echo devices. I’ve had 2 of them for about 6 months and the sound is better than the Dot, but drawbacks:
    Cannot use the app to send certain music to the Genie. You must speak to it for some apps. That is a huge drawback because even the Dot cannot find the music I ask for most of the time and I have to rephrase it 5 different ways, ugh.
    After connecting a tp-link smart plug, the Genie how repeats itself 2 and sometimes 3 times. VERY annoying. Eufy is attmpting to check my logs to see what is wrong. Their support is very good however, it’s the product that has issues.
    50% of the time with Amazon Music it will not play the next song in the queue. This also happens with my Amazon app to a cast speaker on the same network however, so the Genie has that in common with my Vizio smartcast speaker.
    Cannot be part of a group to have whole house sound.
    Spacial recognition is not very accurate. If I speak in my bedroom directly at it, it works, but if I face any other direction, the Genie in the other room responds. Ugh!
    I don’t recommend this device. Wait for a Gen2. I’m considering disconnecting and buying more Dots at the next $29 sale.

    • Charlie says:

      Thanks for a very good report.

    • Michael says:

      A quick add related to speaking to Alexa for music.
      I ask for “Gregorian Chant Music” to go to sleep by as a suggestion from a friend. Nope, she says cannot find any. I go to the website and see there is “Gregorian Chant for Meditation” Music, and I ask for that specifically and it plays. That is what Alexa needs to improve on before it’s a great service. By the time I looked it all up on the app to speak the correct thing, I was wide awake again. Once you listen to something you also should be able to listen to the same thing again later without remember the exact phrase, it’s frustrating since I can go to the app to recent and then select it. Just remember you can’t do that with the Genie for some apps.

    • cdlenfert says:

      I think your review is fair. I like the Genie personally and have no issues with the basic functionality. It controls multiple smart switches just as well as my Echo Dot. Although support for it seems to be dropping, one of the key features that enticed me to get the Genie was that it supported audio streaming from iOS devices over AirPlay, which is a wayyyyy better quality level than bluetooth. Like I said, that’s going away apparently because when I talked to support they said that’s not eve a feature of the Genie, but it was definitely in the original product summary when it released (which oddly the rep I talked to admitted).

      As for Gen 2, I don’t think we’ll see a Gen 2 Genie, but the same company (Anker) who makes the Genie has a newer Alexa Speaker –

  4. Mark says:

    I bought one the last time it was $19.99 and put it in my garage. Excellent for that application of playing music or answering questions when working on a vehicle. However, the Eufy IS SLOWER reacting than the Dot. Not too bad but noticeable. Sounds decent for a garage radio. I would NOT suggest the Eufy be your main device. As Elias stated, great for a room not used alot but you still want access.

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