Eufy Genie now supports Echo Spatial Perception (ESP)

The Eufy Genie has just gone on sale for a great price. Before posting about the deal, I dusted mine off to see if the one major complaint I had about it, when I reviewed it, had been addressed. Sure enough, the Eufy Genie now supports Echo Spatial Perception.

Echo Spatial Perception is where multiple Alexa devices will communicate with each other so that only one of them responds in the event that multiple devices hear your request. This is an absolutely critical feature for all of your Alexa devices to have if you’re planning to have more than one in the same home.

When the Eufy Genie was first released, it did not have ESP. That meant that whenever I made an Alexa request to the Genie, an Alexa device in an adjacent room would almost always also respond. This made the Genie unusable for me, so I packed it away in a drawer.

I just dusted it off and let it update its firmware and was very pleasantly surprised to learn that it now supports ESP. If the Eufy Genie hears an Alexa request but it is not the closest Alexa device to you, it will no longer respond to the request. Likewise, if the Genie is the closest Alexa device, only it will now respond, even though other Alexa devices also hear the request.

This new addition moves the Eufy Genie way up on my recommendation list. It now does nearly everything the Amazon Echo Dot can do, at a much lower price, and it has a better sounding speaker. The main thing holding it back from edging out the Echo Dot is that, as a third-party Alexa device, there will likely always be a few features, like calling and messaging, that are only available on Amazon’s Echo devices.

  1. Gary says:

    Is it able to be included in a group for whole home audio? That would be my primary purpose.

  2. carter johnson says:

    Wow my biggest complaints with my Eufy are no Bluetooth send capabilitites and no wake word selection. On the plus side is the SoundLogic app can access the Eufy and make stereo assignment between two of them

  3. MikeM says:

    What firmware version is needed for this?

    Latest update I got was 10/10/17, and the release notes in the Eufy Home app do not mention ESP support being added.

  4. cdlenfert says:

    My favorite feature of the Eufy Genie is that it functions as an Airplay speaker that you can hook up through AUX to a larger stereo. Even plays in sync with other Airplay speakers. That puts it above the Dot in my mind if you’re in an Apple ecosystem at home. To get an official Airplay receiver from Apple you’re looking at $99.

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