EPIX app arrives on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick lineup of streaming apps from cable networks is fairly robust these days. So much so that there aren’t too many major networks missing from the platform, so new network apps are rare these days. EPIX has been expected on the platform, after hinting at an upcoming app, and now they’ve finally arrived with an all new Fire TV app. Like so many cable network apps, the new EPIX app does require activation through a TV provider before you can view any of its content, but once activated, the app provides access to a very robust library of movies.

EPIX does have a small selection of original shows, but the star of the show is definitely their library of thousands of movies which are all available on demand through the new app. The home screen of the app looks almost identical to the Fire TV’s updated interface. The upper half of the screen is taken up by information and an image of the highlighted content, while the bottom half is full of stacked rows of content in various categories.

There are numerous movie groups, like “Most Watched” and “New On EPIX,” to help you find something to watch. You’ll also find curated collections, like “Classic 80s Movies,” and multi-movie series, like Bond and Indiana Jones, on the home screen.

Selecting a movie or TV show lets you play the content if the app is activated, watch a trailer, or add it to a watch list. Selecting the “View More” option just gives you a list of the cast and crew in the movie or episode.

If you just want to browse the entire catalogue of movies, you can jump into the “See All (A-Z)” area of the app where you’ll find a seemingly never-ending wall of movies and shows to scroll through.

The “Live” section of the app lists what’s currently airing on the four EPIX channels: EPIX, EPIX2, EPIX Hits, and EPIX Drive-in. From there you can jump directly to the currently airing movie’s on demand listing to start watching the movie from the beginning.

There’s a very basic search function in the app that could certainly be improved with additional search options. It does not appear as though EPIX has integrated their catalogue with the Fire TV’s universal search yet, so you won’t be able to use Alexa or the main Fire TV interface to find content within the EPIX app.

In the “Settings” area of the app is oddly where you’ll find your watch queue and watch history. While browsing around the app, you can select to add any movie or series episode to your watch queue, where it’ll be saved for easy access. The settings area also has the usual closed captioning and log out options. The parental controls section just informs you to manage settings on the epix.com website.

  1. gameaddict4life says:

    Playstation Vue doesn’t appear to be a listed TV provider for this app. Hopefully they will be added in the future.

  2. Mary Jo Schafer says:

    I love it it’s the best

  3. Shapria Anderson says:

    Can’t find Firestick as a provider

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