Episode 2 of the weekly podcast now up

Thanks to all the positive feedback from episode 1, I joined Luke from CordCuttersNews and Ryan from TheStreamingAdvisor again to record another episode of the new weekly podcast about new media. You can get the podcast from iTunes, subscribe through the RSS feed, or download it directly.

This week we talked about HBO Now blocking smart DNS users, Tivo courting Aereo customers over to their service, Verizon FiOS’s new ‘add-on package’ TV Model, as well as the Google Nexus Player and the future of Android TV.

  1. AL says:

    Good job once again for the second episode.

    A few points for this second show

    You guys were right, i don’t wanna pay $150 if the only thing i want is CNN, that’s the reason why for the past few years i watched CNN shows directly from their Ipad app and Airplayed it to my Apple TV, and it turned out to be great, I Watch most CNN shows whenever i want based on my own schedule.

    The Future is more towards having shows available on several platforms just like Nextflix, rather than being subject to specific hardware.

    As far as Set Top boxes are concerned,i will bet my money on the NVIDIA shield because so far on paper it looks like a killer box, but real world use could be different (former burned google TV Owner speaking here).

    For the next show one idea could be to have a perspective look at cord cutting, where we came from, what people used to do , and where are right now, what techniques we are using, and where we will be in the next 10 years.

    Great Show, keep it up !

    • shwru980r says:

      CNN has very low ratings and wouldn’t even be on cable tv, if the cable companies weren’t forced to carry it to be able to carry the other TBS stations.

  2. AL says:

    My goal is to have one device that functions as my chromecast, Solid and stable XBMC / KODI Player, Casual Gaming console; it looks like i’m about to get that with the NVIDIA Shield.

    Currently i have to keep on switching inputs on my HDMI switch between my Chromecast (to Queue my youtube videos), Fire TV (For XBMC), Apple TV (For my wife to watch netflix), so i just want one single input that does it all.

    It looks like i’m about to get my wish, ….We’ll see !

  3. Vanb says:

    I just finished listening to the podcast. After hearing you talk about the public awareness of the Roku box, I was curious as to your thoughts about the potential influence of techies and tinkerers on the STB market.

    For all of its popularity, the Roku box is not very tinkerer friendly. When I was in the market for a STB last year, Roku was in the running, but was quickly kicked out of the running once I realized that I would not be able to sideload XBMC onto it. One of the main reasons that I ended up with an AFTV was a combination of its great specs along with the ability to sideload XBMC, among other things, onto it. AFTV is almost a slicker more supported version of a lot of the Android boxes that are out there. You don’t always know what you’re getting with a generic Android box, but AFTV is Amazon supported, and it has the advantage of easy access to the Amazon ecosystem, but then you roll back around to the fact that it can actually be tweaked to be a bit more personalized with really powerful apps like XBMC (now Kodi). I’m finding a lot more people like myself online who want a product that has a bit of established support behind it but who also want more wiggle room than what something like Roku offers.

    So, coming back to my original pondering. Do you think that consumers such as myself, who are probably more of a niche market, assert any influence on the type of devices that are coming out now or that will be coming out in the future?

  4. AL says:

    I totally agree with u VANB, i did not just wanna get a generic android tv box to run XBMC, too many issues with those boxes.

    I’m very satisfied with my Fire Tv Box, it handles KODI very well.
    If the reviews on the NVIDIA SHIELD are good, i will then buy it and resell my fire tv, so that i can have both XBMC and Chromecast functionality on the same box.

  5. ghjjj says:

    DL link does not directly link to the file

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