Entire Stargate collection arrives on the Amazon Fire TV through a new Gate Cast app

A new Gate Cast app has arrived that lets Stargate Command members watch the entire Stargate collection on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The app is not a stand-alone app that is controlled by the Fire TV remote, like most apps. Instead, it’s a cast receiver that works in conjunction with the Stargate Command mobile app. You must use the mobile app to select what will be played on your Fire TV. A Stargate Command all-access pass costs a one-time payment of $20. It lets you stream all Stargate episodes and movies ever made through May 2018. That includes the shows Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and the new Stargate Origins series. It also includes access to the 3 Stargate movies and the Stargate interview series Dialing Home. The Gate Cast app is not currently compatible with the Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick 1.

  1. drewb0y says:

    Looks interesting, but I was about to sign up and it said in the terms that the all access was good until May 15 2018. Doesn’t say anything about after that. Not sure if it’s worth the trouble for only a month and a half of access. Am I missing something here? From the terms: “PREMIUM ACCOUNTS ARE TEMPORARY IN NATURE AND WILL PROVIDE PREMIUM ACCESS TO THE SITE ONLY BETWEEN THE LAUNCH OF THE PREMIUM ACCOUNT PROGRAM ON SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 (“LAUNCH”) (OR WHENEVER YOU PURCHASE A PREMIUM ACCOUNT, IF LATER) AND THE CONCLUSION OF THE PREMIUM ACCOUNT PROGRAM AT 11:59:59 pm U.S. PACIFIC TIME ON MAY 15, 2018 (THE “ACCESS PERIOD”). At the end of the Access Period, you will lose access to the benefits of your Premium Account. Any downloadable or retainable benefit of your Premium Account must be retrieved prior to the end of your Access Period.”

    • Jon says:

      Basically you are paying for SGO, and $20 is more than worth it. SGO is not the best Stargate, but it is still Stargate and if you are a fan you will enjoy watching it. I also believe that the $20 will get you a copy of the digital download of the Movie they are making the show into when it is released.

      So for $20 you get to watch SGO now as well as all the other TV shows and movies. Plus you get a copy of the movie they are turning SGO into to keep forever.

      You cant really expect them to keep the membership up and running forever with a one time payment of $20. Yeah purchasing it now means you dont get a tun of time, but the site went up quite some time ago and those that signed up for it on day one still only payed the one time $20. I enjoyed this model of payment very much, and hope they keep it when/if MGM decides to make more Stargate. I hope they do better with there apps, but it sill worked quite nice. It streamed to my Shield beautifully, so the only complaint I have is that I wish it was remote friendly.

  2. Shaman says:

    What a scam for a bunch of old content I’ve already seen. Not interested in Origins.

  3. Alienmoon says:

    I’ve also heard that the All access pass gets you 4K SGO content, however, the SGC1 content is still only in a DVD format.

    I’m an avid Stargate fan and have been from day one, however, up until relatively recently I was unable to acquire the all-access pass for personal reasons.

    I’ve been thinking about paying for it lately, though paying £20 for only 2 months isn’t really enticing me to go for it.

    Can someone please confirm what formats SGC1, SGA, SGU are with the full access pass, please?

  4. LBJ says:

    Great service and I’ve been using it with Chromecast, but it doesn’t work with Fire TV. As far as the phone app is concerned the fire tv doesn’t exist. Total let down as I’ve been hoping they would get this service on Fire TV for a while now. I know BRB is there but I have no interes in releasing content i already paid for and this time for a lot more.

  5. tom42 says:

    When you originally signed up 8 months or so back, for $20 (one time payment) you got a t-shirt and access to all old stargate movies & TV shows. The May 15 2018 cut off was well known.

    Now this app completly SUCKS, it still requires a phone to stream. The app is basically turning the Fire TV into a chromecast receiver. If you already have a chromecast this app is USELESS

  6. Al says:

    I would change the punctuation of this sentence: “It lets you stream all Stargate episodes and movies ever made through May 2018.” to “It lets you stream, all Stargate episodes and movies ever made, through May 2018.” It could be read with multiple understandings. I originally thought it meant you could, for your lifetime, stream all the Stargate universe items made/released up until May 2018. Although that’s not entirely reasonable it’s not out the realm of possibility.

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