Element Fire TV Edition 4K television BACK IN STOCK at $299.99 for 50″ and $399.99 for 55″ [Expired]

They’re back! The Element Fire TV Edition televisions just came back in stock a few minutes ago. The 50-inch is still $299.99, which is 45% off the regular price of $549.99 and the 55-inch is $399.99, which is 37% off the regular price of $629.99. Both of these sizes have sold out every time they’ve been available at these prices, so act fast if you’re interested. The 43-inch is $427.49 and the 65-inch is $854.99, which are both 5% off of their regular prices and not much of a deal.

  1. Tony Ramirez says:

    The problem is the 50″ is way to big and won’t fit in my room.

  2. Joe says:

    After looking at this reviews I am kind of suspicious about the TV’s. It really looks like “fake” 5 star reviews were made early on. How many people leave reviews with the title “Five Stars” and just a short review? Without those 5 star reviews these TV’s would have like a 2.5 rating.

    That said it looks like the problems may have been with the initial sets and worked out now. If I needed a TV I’d probably take a chance on one of these, I could always return it if it turns out defective. But it does worry me Amazon isn’t playing fair with their reviews anymore. This and the censored reviews over a politician’s book have shaken my trust in them.

    • Tony Ramirez says:

      They do look fake. Amazon should not allow a review like “It’s Great”, “Great”. They should be a minimum amount of words needed.

    • AFTVnews says:

      When the Fire TV 2 first came out it had a lot of problems which resulted in bad reviews and bad star rating. Once the issues were fixed, Amazon sent out emails asking people to review the device. (http://www.aftvnews.com/fire-tv-2-reaches-4-star-rating-after-amazon-solicits-customer-reviews/) Those solicited reviews tend to have the “fake” feel to them because it’s people who didn’t decide to leave a review on their own, but were encouraged to do so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon has done the same for the Fire TV Edition television to pull in positive reviews now that a few software updates have been pushed out.

      As for the bad reviews, I think a lot of them are due to the TV being horribly packed for shipment. For anyone that buys it, be sure to take a good look all over the TV as soon as it arrives and check the screen very closely. The TV simply has too much room to move around in its box during delivery, so it depends way too much on how well it was handled in transit which determines if it arrives intact.

  3. Mutt says:

    I grabbed a 50″ & I’m really happy w/ it. picture is great & it looks the same from any angle. the whole 60hz thing worried me but I haven’t seen any motion blur. I’ve had no issues streaming over wifi. (files on my PC using VLC, prime tv, or using one of the TV channel apps.) The included antennae worked fine. I was able to grab 20 channels.

    I haven’t hooked up any equipment to it & I’m not sure that I will (due to where it’s at) but there’s no input button on the remote. I’m not sure how you’d switch inputs other than going to settings / inputs. with the antennae there’s not obvious way to jump to those 20 channels. instead there’s a new row of show icons labeled Playing Now. I’m curious how it handles something like hooking it up to the cable box.

    the remote appears to be both bluetooth & IR. I think power on/off is IR & the rest BT but not sure.

    There’s an SD card slot w/ the inputs. (not micro, full sized SD) the manual says it’s for added app space up to 128GB. haven’t tried it yet but I assume like the FireTV box I’ll have to move apps 1 at a time to the card. still, it’s nice to know it’s there.

    haven’t tried sideloading yet. (only hung it on the wall today) I just downloaded everything to install the android TV versions of play music (following guide on this site) and youtube kids so wish me luck.

    I read somewhere it’s not compatible w/ the gamepad but it let me install gamepad apps, so we’ll see what happens. it seems unlikely that you can’t use it.

    oh, it’s got decent sound. the thing is pretty thick at the bottom but I guess that left them room for speakers

  4. Mutt says:

    I had no problem side loading the android tv version of Youtube Kids on it. the SD card slot is a little sketchy. you can actually put the disc in both ways & I had to play w/ it a couple times to get it working.

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