Eero 6 & Pro 6 Mesh WiFi-6 Routers are all at all-time low prices for Black Friday — Starting at a new low of $77

Amazon put its Eero 6 mesh routers on sale at the start of this week but most of them have just dropped even further today to new all-time low prices. These deals start with the single Eero 6 Router for $77, which is $13 less than it has ever been in the past and $52 off its regular price of $129. At the upper end is the Eero Pro 6 3-Pack for $449 and there is a bundle for every price point in between to fit your needs. The sweet spot for most people is the Eero 6 3-Pack for $167, which includes one router and 2 extenders. These all create WiFi-6 networks that would go along perfectly with the Fire TV Stick 4K Max on sale for $34.99, which is the first Fire TV to support WiFi-6. Continue for the full list of all Eero 6 products/bundles on sale, as well as an explanation of the differences between Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6 routers and the differences between Eero Routers and Eero Extenders.

Eero 6 vs Eero Pro 6

One difference between the two models is the Eero 6 can cover 1,500 sq. ft., while the Eero Pro 6 can cover 2,000 sq. ft. Remember that those are ideal conditions, so it’ll be less than that in the real world when you factor in walls and furniture weakening the signal. The main difference, however, is that the Pro has a 3rd dedicated 5GHz band that it uses for communication between mesh nodes, while the regular Eero 6 shares its single 5GHz band between devices and nodes. This means that speeds could slow down on the Eero 6 if there are many devices and nodes using the 5GHz band.

Eero Routers vs Eero Extenders

The primary difference between Eero Routers and Eero Extenders is that the Routers have 2 Ethernet ports. You have to start with a Router regardless, but then you have the option of adding additional Routers or Extenders to expand the range of the mesh network to areas that the original Router can’t reach. If you add additional Routers, then you give yourself the option to plug a device into it via Ethernet. You also have the option to run Ethernet between the two Routers so that both nodes can leave their WiFi connections open for maximum performance. With an Extender, there are no Ethernet ports, so they must communicate with the Router over WiFi only and nothing can be wired into them.

Eero 6 Deals

Eero Pro 6 Deals

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