Ecobee4 thermostat confirmed to have hands-free far-field Alexa

It’s now pretty much confirmed that the soon to be released Ecobee4 smart thermostat has full-blown Alexa capabilities built right in. Blue light and all. Dave Zatz, who first revealed the next-generation thermostat’s big new feature, has posted an image of what appears to be official documentation outlining the thermostat’s Alexa functionality. Just like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, the Ecobee4 will have far-field voice recognition that will always be listening for the Alexa wake word.

When the Ecobee4 hears you say “Alexa,” it will wake up and blink a blue light pipe on top of the thermostat to indicate it is listening for a command. You’ll then be able to talk to Alexa in the exact same way as any of Amazon’s own Alexa-enabled devices.

Not only will you be able to change the thermostats settings, but you’ll also be able to ask any number of usual questions to Alexa, like “how’s the weather?” Presumably, and there’s really no reason to assume otherwise, the thermostat will also have access to all 10,000+ Alexa skills, so it will be able to control the entire spectrum of Alexa compatible devices on the market.

Ecobee thermostats were the first to be controllable with Alexa, so it’s only fitting that they’ll soon be the first to fully integrate the voice assistant into the device. I’m sure the $35 million in funds that Ecobee was awarded through the Amazon Alexa Fund helped the company reach that achievement.

  1. Reflex says:

    Fantastic! I’ll finally get on the Ecobee train it appears.

  2. Kevin Wyman says:

    This is interesting. I have 6 thermostats in my house. I’d need to fork over a lot of cash to make this work but I suppose that if it’s the same price with or without the Alexa feature, that’s like saving $50 per Echo Dot. Tht could make the economics more palatable. Biggest issue I would have is to run a third wire. My heating only system has but two wires from the transformers and of course the two thermostats used the most would have the least access to add the third wire. Maybe they could add an intercom feature so you could speak from thermostat to thermostat. Alexa also needs to be able to distinguish between devices/dots/echos/thermostats.

  3. Michael says:

    Would like to know if they fixed the issue with the thermostat reporting incorrect temps. Lots of reports online about this which is one of the main reasons I haven’t bought one yet.

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