Ecobee4 smart thermostat to come with built-in Alexa

My buddy Dave Zatz from has uncovered evidence that the unannounced Ecobee4 smart thermostat will have Alexa capabilities built-in. Dave first speculated the next-gen thermostat would have Alexa when he found the device’s FCC report and noted that the new model appears to have gained a rear-facing speaker. In addition to the image above, which shows off an Alexa blue light bar on top of the device, Dave has found marketing materials that confirm Alexa is in tow.

Having Alexa in the smart thermostat is a significant step above simply being able to control the thermostat through an Alexa device, like the current Ecobee3 model. With Alexa in the unit, it means it will act as an Amazon Tap or Echo Dot, where you can talk to it and hear Alexa respond. Not only will you be able to control this thermostat through Alexa using your voice, but you’ll also be able to control all other Alexa compatible devices, as well as access to the usual assortment of Alexa voice assistant features.

As seen in the image, the Ecobee4 has gained a microphone icon on its touch interface, which is not present on the previous generation Ecobee3. You’ll likely be able to press that button to speak to Alexa. It’s unknown at this time if the Ecobee4 also has far-field microphones that will allow hands-free always-listening communication with Alexa, like with the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Dave anticipates the Ecobee4 will be released within the next couple months.

  1. Rob P says:

    I would be interested as long as the price is reasonable. I’ve been looking at smart thermostats and that might work well for me since my thermostat is mounted right next to the kitchen.

  2. Edgar R. says:

    love my ecobee3. Was needing another for upstairs. Probably will get this now. Hopefully around the $250 range

  3. Reflex says:

    I knew I was waiting for something.

    • Bill says:

      Big brother?

      • Reflex says:

        Nope, just Alexa. If you carry a cell phone you already gave in to Big Brother long ago.

        • Bill says:

          which i dont, so i havent. i know, that may blow your mind

          • Reflex says:

            And that’s fine. So long as you are consistent. Most of us have given into cell phones, for personal or professional reasons. Given that, running a device like Alexa in our homes is actually more secure than what we do every day.

            Personally I care more about security than any concept of absolute privacy. The fact that the data can or is gathered means less to me than who has access too it, and I make choices based on that.

  4. Bill says:

    UGH I was about to buy this and heard there was a new one coming. What if you dont want to voluntarily bug your home for anyone to listen in? I think I’ll pass. Should be a good sale on the E3. I still dont understand, (especially with it in the news) why people would want to voluntarily put microphones in their homes connected to the internet. Its orwellian and people gladly do it. Unreal

  5. Josh says:

    Oh man, I just put an ecobee in a few weeks ago!

    Make sure you check your power companies for rebates. I got $150 back from my power company for installing mine.

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