Ecobee smart light switch with built-in Alexa speaker and mics is on sale for $29.99 — Lowest price ever at 63% off

The Ecobee Switch+ is on sale for $29.99. At $50 off its regular price of $79.99, this is the lowest price that it has ever been. This isn’t an ordinary smart light switch. While it certainly can be controlled by an app or your voice, it goes much further by including a speaker and microphones built into the light switch itself, which makes it act like a little Echo Dot on your wall, with a blue light bar and all. The Ecobee Switch+ was announced in 2017 and went on sale in 2018 for $99.99. It didn’t gain much popularity at that price, which is probably why it dropped to $79.99 in 2019. That’s still a pretty steep price to pay, but at $29.99 it’s a pretty great bargain.

Replacing a regular light switch with the Ecobee Switch+ gives you remote access to the lights the switch controls, either through Ecobee’s app, the Alexa app, or by voice through any Alexa device. That’s what all smart light switches do, but the Ecobee Switch+ takes it a step further by letting you talk to and hear Alexa directly through the switch. A speaker on the front, a pair of microphones on the bottom, and a light bar turn the light switch into a smart speaker. Almost anything that can be done through an Echo can be done through this light switch.

The Ecobee Switch+ also has a night light built into it that shines down from the bottom of the switch. Using its built-in ambient light sensor, the switch can be set to automatically turn the night light on when the room or hallway it is in is too dark. That light sensor can also be combined with a built-in motion sensor to automatically turn the room lights on when you walk into a dark room.

  1. Russ says:

    I wonder if it’s the same speaker that is in the Flex? The Flex sound is sure nothing to write home about, it’s bad.

  2. Joe says:

    Damn, all the resellers bought them up and raised price, Amazon should ban them

  3. J says:

    its a great little wall switch with motion sensor plus alexa!!! I like mine. the speaker isn’t anything to write home about — I mean seriously — if you’re going to play music on it get something else.

    You can pro-gram it to not turn the lights on late at night to early morning. But it lets you talk to Alexa whilst doing ‘bathroom’ type stuff u know what Im talkn bout brotha!~

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