Ecobee smart home security camera leaks — Likely has Alexa built-in

It looks like smart thermostat maker Ecobee will be releasing a home security camera, thanks to a leaked image discovered by Zatz Not Funny. The camera appears to have four LED lights at the top, which Dave Zatz says can also turn blue. That’s pretty compelling evidence that not only will the camera be Alexa compatible, but it will also have Alexa built-in, just like Ecobee’s smart thermostat and smart light switch. Going by Ecobee’s device lineup, there’s a decent chance the security camera will also serve as a presence sensor that notifies an Ecobee thermostat when you’ve left the room/house, resulting in more efficient automatic HVAC scheduling. A launch date or pricing is unknown.

  1. Mike says:

    They struggle to keep their server online and it goes down yet making new products to run off that same server. Think I’d trust my camera to a server with a better uptime. Guess only time will tell if this will be a win or a disaster.

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