Ecobee beats Nest to be the first smart thermostat that works with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant


It seems like every week Alexa on the Amazon Echo and Fire TV is gaining more and more ways to control smart home devices, and this week is no exception. Ecobee, makers of the 2nd most popular wifi thermostat, second only to Nest, have announced that Alexa on the Amazon Echo can now be used to control the Ecobee3 thermostat. As you’d expect, owners of the Ecobee3 can say “Alexa, set my thermostat to 72” or other similar phrases to easily change the temperature. It’s unclear at this time if Alexa on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick will also gain this new ability.

  1. Nova says:

    hi, not quite on topic but i wanted to ask: my firetv 1gen finally updated today to version 5.0.5 however all the alexa features seem to be missing, any ideas?

  2. Troks says:

    I believe Alexa is limited to the US. I had issues with Firetv 2 whilst visting family in France and Uk. Ironically it worked fine in West Africa

    I own a few Nest devices. Hopefully we see Nest onboard soon.

  3. Mike says:

    I live in canada, have the ecobee3 and echo integration between the two Works very well. Nest is great if you live in a one room home. Ecobee works well for a home with more than one room. I have 8 sensors around my home customizing comfort settings all around my home. :-)

    The limitation though between ecobee3 and echo so far is alexa seems to only adjust and hold the temperature in only the room where the thermostat is.

    • mike says:

      I just wanted to add that wink is working on making ecobee3 sensors work individually with their hub rather than just with the thermostat. Each ecobee3 sensor detects motion and temperature and having ifttt, wink and native Alexa compatibility it will be interesting to see they ways people will be able to comfort their home.

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