Echo Show 5 w/ Free Echo Auto is $34.99 making it one of the largest Black Friday discounts at 74% off

One of the highest discounts available during Black Friday is on the Echo Show 5 + Echo Auto bundle for $34.99. At 74% off the list price of $134.98 for both devices, you’re not going to find many deals that give you a larger discount. The Echo Show 5 included is the latest 2nd-gen model, but the Echo Auto is the older 1st-gen model since a new one was just announced a couple of months ago but hasn’t been released yet. $34.99 matches the lowest price the Echo Show 5 has ever been on its own, so you’re still getting a great deal even if you’re not terribly interested in the Echo Auto.

  1. Mark says:

    Best Buy gave me an Echo Show 5 when I bought my 55″ Toshiba M550 in October. I got the Echo auto a few years ago. It’s still in the box. Hahaha. But the Echo Show 5 IS pretty nice! This IS a good deal, even if the Echo Auto wasn’t included. Surprised they are still trying to make that one, relevant.

    • Anthony Rossetti says:

      I have one NIB for over a year now too.
      If anyone is trying to make it relevant it’s Google,
      not Amazon by making Google assistant so bad
      and removing Android Auto for phone screens.
      I have a pixel 3a XL (just got the 7 pro but haven’t unboxed it yet,and only bought it cause I got it for $290 with trade in of a near worthless device,no way in hell I would pay anything over that)
      and was using Google assistant and Android Auto for phones screens
      but now they made their phones totally unuseable while driving.
      Their assistant always sucked but it has just gotten worse and worse since about 2017.
      Removing Android Auto for phone screens is the last straw.
      Their new “driving mode” is absolute trash, it doesn’t work at all
      and has no landscape, has no music controls has nothing that Android Auto for phones screens had and even that still sucked.
      Also Google assistant is so horribly broken now it can’t do anything I used to use it for, they broke IFTTT integration, I can no longer use GA to open my garage because it relied on an an IFTTT applet(still works with Alexa), Google assistant is just all around trash ,I never use it at all anymore, I have Google home devices sitting next to my echo devices, they got very little use before but since Google has gotten rid of literally any remaining feature I still used now they get ZERO use at all.
      Looks like I will be unboxing this thing and trying it out very soon.
      the Echo Auto can’t be any worse than Google assistant and the broken trash fire that replaced the already mediocre Android Auto known as “driving mode”

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