Echo Show 15 owners can buy a Fire TV Remote for just $9.99 — UPDATE: Echo Show 15 may not be required for discount

Now that the Echo Show 15 can double as a Fire TV and is compatible with the Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon is offering owners of the smart display a discount on the Fire TV remote. If you purchase the remote through the Echo Show, you’ll pay just $9.99, which is 66% off the regular price of $29.99.

If you own an Echo Show 15, you should be able to simply say “Alexa, order a Fire TV remote” and see the discounted price. If that doesn’t work, try going into the Echo Show’s settings menu, which can be opened by swiping down from the top of the screen and selecting the Settings button. While in the settings menu, you should see an option labeled “Get Started with Fire TV Remote.” Tapping it should bring up a screen with a “Buy a Remote” button. You can also get to this screen by tapping the message banner that appears at the top of any Fire TV app that is not compatible with the touchscreen.

While $9.99 is a great deal for a Fire TV remote, since it hardly ever goes on sale, you might want to consider getting the Alexa Voice Remote Pro instead if you already own a Fire TV device. That way you can use the Pro remote with your Fire TV and use your old regular Fire TV remote with the Echo Show. Note that the Pro remote is not compatible with the Echo Show 15.

Thanks to Jay for pointing this deal out in the comments!


As pointed out by the marvelously named ClamSlam in the comments below, you may not actually need to own an Echo Show 15 to get this deal. Try asking any Alexa device to buy a Fire TV remote and you might get this discounted price.

  1. ClamSlam says:

    Just FYI…I was just able to order a remote for $9.99 from my Gen 1 Echo Show. Bought one in case I get an Echo Show 15 soon. Looking forward to see how it looks.

  2. EJ+ says:

    Hi. Just got the blaster for $10 through a Show 8. Limit one per customer at that price. Thank you Elias and ClamSlam.

  3. Mark says:

    Just tried it on my FTV3…$29.99; Tried it on my 3rd gen Dot…$29.99; Tried on my echoShow5 I got for free during the Toshiba flagship sale…$9.99. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Fred says:

    I just asked my Echo to purchase an Amazon Fire Stick. Sure enough the 3rd generation FS show up at $9.99 when I went to check out. It gave me a $20 promo credit off the full price. I don’t have an ECHO SHOW 15. I have the basic Echo. I paid $9.99 plus tax. Thank you! Nice!

  5. Robert B says:

    Doesn’t work for me on any echo device.

  6. John says:

    $29.99 when trying to order through my Echo Show 15. Cheaper to buy a fire stick and toss the stick.

    • Richard says:

      The $20 discount doesn’t show up until you check out.

      • JDM says:

        Mine came to 32$ after checkout and I ordered on my echo show 15. It either just didn’t work for me or isn’t available for the sale price anymore. Also in settings it says nothing about the remote I’m very confused since this update I notice absolutely nothing different with my device. Am I missing something?

    • JDM says:

      Same here I don’t even see anything in settings about mine. Even after checkout was 33$

  7. Rob says:

    Looks like the deal ended on the 6th. Didn’t work for me on any of my echo show devices

  8. JDM says:

    So strange I get nothing about the remote in settings and when I ask to order one full price is all I see. Also when I say open fire tv nothing happens. The update only took about 3 seconds but I have noticed absolutely nothing different with my echo 15 since. I have checked and no software updates available. I usually have issues like this with most devices for some reason

  9. Robjohn says:

    In order to see the options about getting started with FireTV remote in settings, I had to do an update on my 15. After the update, I was promoted again to do another update to start using FireTv. After that update, there was the option in settings to get started with firetv remote. I ordered the remote thru my 15, but paid full price. Must have been a short lived deal at 9.99.

  10. Christine says:

    I did the update yesterday and get the same, no discount. Using hulu without the remote is a pain and I used to be able to watch hulu without ads with the old interface, but now I have to suffer with the ads and poor touch interface. :(

  11. John says:

    No longer works. Lame.

  12. Amanda McKinley says:

    I hate this download as you no longer have the option to use the touchscreen. This is bull that’s why I bought this device not to use it as a TV. I need an option to bypass this. They forced this update on people and it’s wrong. My children uses the touchscreen and it’s easy for them. If someone knows how to turn off this option please advise.

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