Echo Auto is 60% off at just $19.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

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Amazon has made several more Prime Day early bird deals available today and among them is the Echo Auto for just $19.99. This 60% discount off of the regular price of $49.99 is the new lowest price that the Echo Auto has ever been. As you’d expect, the Echo Auto brings Alexa capabilities to your car. The device pairs to your phone for its internet access and lets you make Alexa commands on the go. It works with your car’s speakers through either a Bluetooth connection or a wired 3.5mm aux audio jack. Amazon continues to add car-specific capabilities to Alexa, like paying for gas with Alexa, so it’s a good time to see what Alexa in a car has to offer at an all-time low price. As with all early bird Prime Day deals, don’t expect the price to drop any further when Prime Day arrives next week.

One comment
  1. Anthony Rossetti says:

    i hear horrible things about this device
    i remember signing up for invites to purchase this early on 2 accounts
    it said ” all requests will be honored” for the introductory price which was like $20 or $25
    but i never received an option to buy it for either account

    while i was waiting i saw the roav on sale for $7 i should have jumped on it , it has 2 USB ports and at least one fast charge port
    but it also did not have good reviews

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