EarthCamTV brings the first 24 hour live webcam network to the Fire TV


EarthCamTV is a new app that just got released for the AmazonFire TV and Fire TV Stick. It provides live streams of public webcams from around the world, all day and night. This is another one of those apps that’s probably best used for passive background viewing, where you just leave it running when you’re not using your TV. The app displays a different live webcam feed on a set schedule. Every 1 to 5 minutes, the webcam being displayed changes. You can bring up the schedule at the top of the screen and move forward or back through the various webcams that are coming up or have come up in the past to manually control what you watch. A ticker along the bottom scrolls information about the location being displayed, along with the local time and temperature of the city where the webcam is located.

Many of the webcams also play audio, but since a large portion of them are pointed at beaches or other bodies of water, you’re mostly just hearing the sound of wind blowing. While trying the app out I did also see popular streets, like Bourbon St in New Orleans, and Hollywood Blvd., so there is still a nice variety of scenes. There was also a few nature webcams, like one pointed at an eagles nest. EarthCamTV is a nice simple app to bring a little of the outside world into your living room. I do wish it had more customizable settings, like selecting how often the webcam changed, but hopefully those get added in future updates.

  1. Joe D says:

    I hope they add a way to keep it locked on one camera and not change on its own.

  2. Mark says:

    Love this app. Good stuff.

  3. Mike says:

    Shows as an incompatible app for my AFTV’s (1st gen). Is it just me?

    • Joe D says:

      I’m using it on a first gen full size firetv but interesting there is no option to send it to my first gen firetv stick. I can send it to my 2nd gen firetv stick.

      Seems weird, can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work on a 1st gen stick.

  4. kilnvideo says:

    Kodi has an earthcam plugin i’ve used in the past. Kodi’s youtube plugin also supports live streams, many of which are webcams. (the youtube plugin is getting annoying though.)

    some of the security camera apps in the amazon marketplace also include lists of webcams by default, as a sampler of sorts.

  5. ME says:

    Nice app but way too many graphics the 2 logos, time and date, the Twitter feed and large red LIVE graphic all distract from the image. Also if you upgrade you get a message that “you’re now watching schedule free” I know I am I requested it. Just because you have the tools to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it. If the graphics are added to generate revenue why not offer a graphics free or reduced graphics version for an additional charge.

  6. Michael Cook says:

    The $1.99, is this to unlock one or all cameras

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