DVR Recordings row from Fire TV Recast added to the Fire TV’s Live tab

Fire TV Recast owners have been among the most vocal to dislike the new Fire TV interface. That’s because the new interface has dropped the “DVR” tab from the old interface, which housed all of the Fire TV Recast’s content in one place, and, instead, split up recorded content from live content in different tabs. A recent update to the Fire TV’s Live tab takes a step to correct that annoyance by adding in a new “DVR Recordings” row, just below the Fire TV Recast’s live content row.

Going to the Live tab to get to recording content, that isn’t live anymore, might not make much sense but it does help join together the Fire TV Recast’s content. If you were to decide to hide all other live channel rows, done through the Settings > Live TV > Manage Channels menu, the Live tab would almost turn into the old DVR tab, since only Recast content would be there. I say almost because there would still be a “Featured Live TV Apps” row, and several other rows unrelated to the Recast, cluttering up the tab that can’t be hidden.

The new “DVR Recordings” row in the Live tab doesn’t replace the same row found under Find > Library, which was originally the only way to get to recordings in the new Fire TV interface, since the row now exists in both places. There is no way to remove the recordings row from the Live tab if you prefer to keep live channels and recorded content separated. At the end of the recordings row in both locations is a “See All” button that takes you to a grid view of all DVR recordings, since the recordings row only displays your latest 10 recorded programs.

Even though the placement of non-live content among live channels is a bit odd, I’d say this is a step in the right direction. This, once again, shows that Amazon is receptive to feedback and is continuing to make small changes to the new interface to address shortcomings.

  1. AZmark says:

    Thank goodness. The Recast is a great, easy solution to integrating your OTA and streaming content. This update will bring it back to that status.

  2. RG Geiger says:

    Cool. If somehow I lost next day availability of NBC and ABC shows from Hulu, I would be using my recast a lot more.

  3. tlp says:

    “Live” should be live linear programming only. DVR recordings are not “Live”. Bring back the DVR button.

  4. Hectare says:

    better than nothing, but would it kill them to add the DVR menu?

    now all I need is a 1 button / click commercial skip option

  5. Keith says:

    Does that make it better?
    I don’t own a recast. In my area I’d probably need to invest in a powerful outdoor antenna and my wife would want to conceal the cable (it’d be a PIA), but shouldn’t there be a recordings row?
    This is not live tv.

    • Mark McCardle says:

      You can place the Recast in an upstairs bedroom. Then you just have the cable going to that one place, viewable to all fire tvs or your phone from that location by wifi.

  6. Jersey Jeff says:

    It’s still too many clicks to get to one’s recordings. I think that for those who have a recast, DVR should appear right in the top menu.

    • Rik Emmett says:

      Right, the customer took action to schedule the recording. The interface should give the highest priority to DVR recordings.

  7. aross1976 says:

    It’s still garbage and I still hate it
    And the most important thing is the navigation when watching live TV.

    Not being able to press down and see the thumbnail menu and quickly scroll through what else is on while keeping the current program full screen and barely disturbed is a MAJOR downgrade here
    and yes the mixing of live and DVR’d content also makes no sense at all.

    Amazon must be hiring Google rejects now because only someone from mountain view would think of something so stupid and backwards.

  8. Bud says:

    There is an AFTVNEWS app in the Amazon App library that will open the DVR Recordings, Watchlist and DVR Manager rows. Simply enough the app is entitled “DVR Recordings”. This works great; however it will not work with Wolf Lanucher, because Wolf Launcher depends on package being disabled. When Wolf Launcher is enable properly, the DVR Recordings, Watchlist and DVR Manager rows are not accessible. This situation causes the DVR Recordings app to be redundant when when not using Wolf Launcher and useless when using Wolf Launcher. It would be great if this was addressed.

  9. Bud says:

    I would also like to see a plug-in for Plex that would allow integration of the Firecast, Live TV (epg) and recordings. Recast loads an epg. How difficult would this be?

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