Dr. Seuss interactive books for the Amazon Fire TV have dropped from $3.99 to $1.99 [Expired]

Most apps available in the Amazon Fire TV appstore are either streaming video apps or games, but one category of apps that you may not be aware of are interactive books that let kids flip through books as a narrator reads each page. Oceanhouse Media is the largest publisher of interactive books on the Fire TV with 62 titles that include The Berenstain Bears, Little Critter, and Dr. Seuss books. This morning, all of the Dr. Seuss interactive books that were previously $3.99 have been reduced to $1.99. If you have children under the age of 6, take a look at the selection. Some of these interactive books are also compatible with mobile phones and tablets. There is one free book, Just Go to Bed – Little Critter, to try before buying some of the other titles.

  1. Sterling says:

    Fun FYI: If you have the old “Living Books” CD-ROMS for another platform such as Windows or Mac, which included several of the titles shown here, you can use them on FireTV by installing ScummVM and copying the CD-ROMs to a folder. In the United States, this is legal fair use of your already-purchased content. I recommend this as a fun tech project for those who already own these CD-ROMs. However, if you’re looking for fast and easy, pay the $1.99. :)

    • lonnie says:

      would you mind supplying an iso of said cd….i also know of other ways of aquiring the apps via the play store i have about 3 of them already

      • Sterling says:

        You should use ISO creation software to make your own ISOs of your previously purchased Living Books CD-ROMS. Sharing your ISOs online would be considered piracy.

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