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Downloader is back in the Google Play Store! If you sideload Downloader while it was briefly unavailable from Google Play, you should uninstall the sideloaded version and install the version from Google Play to ensure you receive all future updates.

Downloader is an app I created for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices. It is the easiest way to download files from the internet onto a streaming device. The app is especially helpful in sideloading apps, without needing any additional hardware, like a computer, smart phone, or external drive.

The app features a built-in web browser made specifically to work with a remote control. It makes it easy to navigate websites on a Fire TV or Android TV device without needing a mouse or keyboard. Included basic file management makes it possible to download, install, and delete files within the same interface. A favorites section allows you to save and quickly load frequently visited websites.

The only correct way of installing Kodi on Amazon devices. Stop using ES file Explorer!-Kodi Team

Downloader’s continued development is funded completely through donations from its generous users. The app and all of its features are 100% free with no ads. As of June 2020, the app has been used by over 50 million people and is consistently among the top free apps in the entire Amazon Appstore.

Downloader now has a companion URL Shortener found at https://AFTV.NEWS that lets you shorten any link into a numeric code for easy access through the Downloader app.

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