Downloader v1.5.0 update adds support for Phones, Tablets, Android 13/14, and more

I’ve just updated my Downloader app to version 1.5.0 on the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. This is the first version of the app that officially supports Android phones, Android tablets, and Fire tablets thanks to an all-new touch-friendly interface. It also adds support for both Android 13 and 14, as well as a few new features and many bug fixes.

While Downloader has unofficially supported mobile devices through sideloading for some time, I’ve kept it officially as a TV-only app in both the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore because its remote-friendly interface was less than ideal on touch devices. I also assumed there was little use for Downloader on devices that already have full-fledged browsers. However, demand for Downloader on phones and tablets has been growing, as is evident by the lovely 1-star review rated most “helpful” in the Google Play Store which eloquently states “Doesn’t work on regular android…”

Home Screen in Downloader for Phones/Tablets

Menu in Downloader for Phones/Tablets

For Downloader’s new touch-friendly interface, I tried to simplify things by merging the browser directly into the home screen, however, all the same features and functionality found in the TV interface remain. Just enter a URL, a search term, or a short code into the unified text field at the top of the app’s home screen and what you’re looking for will load in the fullscreen browser below. The menu with access to files, favorites, settings, and more can be slid out from the left and the text field on top automatically hides away when you scroll through a website below.

Browser in Downloader for Phones/Tablets

Settings in Downloader for Phones/Tablets

Downloader should detect if it is being used on a TV streaming device or a mobile device and automatically use the appropriate interface. In case your streamer isn’t detected correctly as a TV device, or if you just prefer to use the TV interface on a mobile device, I did add an option in Downloader’s settings to force the classic TV interface anytime you want. Additionally, if the touch-friendly interface is being used and a remote or keyboard is detected, the app will pop up a message asking if you want to switch to the TV interface so that it’s quick and easy to switch with a remote.

In addition to the new interface, this version of Downloader adds support for up to Android 14, as there were issues setting file permissions beyond Android 12 on the previous version. I’ve also switched to using /sdcard/Download/Downloader/ as the download directory in this update (instead of /sdcard/Downloader/) because it allows those using Android 11+ and Fire OS 8 devices to no longer need to grant file permissions at all since the default download folder in Android is open for any app to access. This also helps to ensure that future Android versions and devices are compatible with Downloader from day one. Anyone updating Downloader who has files present in the old download location will be prompted by the app to move their existing files to the new folder.

While the focus of this update was to add support for mobile devices, I’ve also fixed numerous bugs behind the scenes and fixed a few download issues, specifically revolving around Dropbox downloads failing and some downloads being saved with the wrong file extension. I’ve also added the option to increase or decrease the text size in the browser for TV devices. That’s in addition to the zoom in/out options already present in the browser menu.

For the full list of changes, take a look at the app’s version history page. Downloader v1.5.0 should already be available to download from both the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. If you have the old version sideloaded on a phone or tablet, I recommend uninstalling it and installing this new version directly from either app store so that you start getting updates automatically.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and Downloader through the donation buttons in the app. It may not seem like it on the surface, but this update has been the biggest and most costly update to Downloader yet and it wouldn’t have been possible without your donations. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy using the app.

  1. Kir says:

    add language selection

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into translation services to include more languages in the next update.

      • Kir says:

        Yes. as in Launcher Manager 1.1.9.

        and for some reason there is no language selection in Launcher-Mini

      • JUAN QUINONES says:

        Hi, is there a direct link to download downloader 1.5.0 to my computer without using Google play or amazon? Please reply as I am getting frustrated with these two businesses. Your prompt attention to this matter is well appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Valeri Velitchkov says:

    Does this mean that also now when you download the Google play store through Downloader on Firestick it’ll actually work because before I’ve tried to download it through Downloader and even though it shows me it’s Downloaded the app, it doesn’t work. Also do I have to reinstall the Downloader app on my Firestick, or it’s automatically updated to 15.0?

    • It’s not possible to use the Google Play Store on a Fire TV device and this update to my Downloader app doesn’t change that. If you haven’t disabled automatic updates on your Fire TV, Downloader should update to v1.5.0 automatically. If it hasn’t, you can highlight the app, press the menu button on the remote, and select “More Info” to view the appstore listing for Downloader. From there, it should have an “Update” button if an update is available.

  3. Ruppertthedime says:

    Hey this version 1.5.0 is awesome on phones. you did a great job on this update.

    but can i ask you about a feature request.can you add in the move favorites feature up or down for the favorites list. i have a number of favorites saved.on my firestick. and i move them around and put them in the order i like on my firestick.

    that feature is great i use it all the time on my firestick favorites can this be added to the new downloader apk in a future update .???

    if it can’t be done thank you anyway for this really nice update. that you gave us all.

    it was a nice wake up to today.first news about the new onn 4k pro box news and now this new downloader apk.

    thanks again for all that you do.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I definitely plan to add the ability to rearrange favorites on phones and tablets. I’m sorry I couldn’t fit it into this first version.

      • Ruppertthedime says:

        Hey you mever have to say you are sorry for anything ever. as i said in my first comment. you do a fantastic job with the downloader app and this site .giving us the latest news. reviews and info . about products. so please don’t ever say sorry.

        hey one last thing ifican ask any chance to add a dark mode to the new downloader as well. In a future update. ?

        a very big THANK YOY AGAIN for all that you do for us here . great job all around.

  4. John says:

    I uninstalled version 1.45 after saving my favorites. Installed new version 1.5 and cannot
    access my favorites. Get message No .txt file in /sdcard/Downloader.

    • I’m sorry about that, but, because you first uninstalled, Android is now blocking Downloader from reading the file because the app that created it (v1.4.5) no longer exists so the file is orphaned from the new (v1.5.0) Downloader. The favorites file is still there, so your best option is to pull it off the device, with something like a file explorer app, and then paste its contents into Then you can select to import via URL in Downloader’s favorites menu and enter the URL.

  5. Adam says:

    Elias, I just tried the update to Downloader and my one and only problem with the app on Fire TV remains: the cursor is set to ludicrious speed when using the remote! Ever try clicking links on your site from the Downloader Browser? You have to tip-tip-tip tap the remote otherwise the cursor peels out and you’re halfway down the page.

    Anyway it’s a great app and don’t let Play Store reviews get you down. There’s a certain type of person who posts those ridiculous reviews and I really hope you don’t ever have to meet them.

    • I’ve heard of this happening on Google/Android TV but never on a Fire TV. I’m planning to spend some time trying to track down the issue and hopefully fix it in the next update. Have you ever adjusted the animation settings on your Fire TV, either through ADB or a special app that lets you tinker with system settings? That’s my first thought as to why it would be moving too quickly. Feel free to email me a video or any other info you might have to help me get to the bottom of that bug.

    • TDUK says:

      Download the TDUK speedbox (use downloader code 321401). Set the animation duration scale to a number higher than zero. 1 is the default but you can get away with .5. Many people set all the values to zero, which turns of all animations but then has that negative impact on the mouse cursor speed.

  6. Josh says:

    I’ve always liked the browser feature, nice and simple. Please add an ad blocker/Pop-up blocker if possible. I have yet to find a browser that has that.

    • John says:

      These pop-ups and obtrusive ads make it very hard to use Downloader app. They should be banned. I do use an ad blocker, makes using app a lot easier.

      • Josh says:

        which ad blocker is that? Is it compatible with the Firetv

        • John says:

          One that is easy to use is AdAway. Another one a little bit more complicated is AdGuard version 4.0.79. There are upgrades to this but I like this version.

        • Tommy says:

          How come my 4K Max Fire Stick doesn’t show an update for Downloader? I’m currently on 1.4.3. I installed a usb stick for more storage when I first set up the 4K Max, and it automatically installed it on my usb stick. When I follow your steps to try to update it; highlight the app, press the menu button on the remote, and select “More Info” to view the appstore listing for Downloader. From there, it should have an “Update” button if an update is available. It takes me to the App Store to Download the app. When I try to download and install it, it keeps telling me, “Not enough space.” I have 1.3 GB available, so there is enough space.

  7. Tom says:

    Thanks for the update. However for some reason the new version does not see any files locate in the Download folder. I reinstalled the app, deleted folder and added files but still nothing. Any sugestion?

    • Newer versions of Android have become very strict with privacy, so apps can, by default, only see files that they have created. The exception to this are apps that declare themselves as “file managers,” which now require special approval from Google. I haven’t submitted Downloader for this approval, because it’s not technically a file manager and might get rejected from the app stores for trying to behave like one, so it can only see the files it creates. That means that it can’t see files that you yourself place, even if they’re in its own download folder. I may submit Downloader to have “file manager” access with a future update, but, I’m sorry, for now, it can only see files it created.

      The only workaround is to upload the files on something like Dropbox or Google Drive and then have Downloader download them.

    • Tom says:

      I tried all known to me solutions, including permissions. No luck. I tried to use previous version but still the same. I had few OS updates in a meantime. Is it possible that OS broke something? Last time it worked it was 23/04/2024. So Files tab still showing No files found in download folder. Any suggestions?

      I can access the folder with any other file app I.e. x-plore or es.

      • You’ll need to re-download the files with Downloader for it to see them. X-plorer can see your existing files because it has special file manager permissions that Downloader does not have.

  8. Sinbrad says:

    Old downloader you could exit by pressing back button on phone but now that doesn’t happen. Have to force close

  9. John117 says:

    Hi, Elias, could you update Downloader to become compatible with ? It’s an awesome way to transfer files between devices via wi-fi, would fit very well within Downloader’s purpose.

  10. Raul says:

    Download the new update into my firestick and now downloader app does not open. Tried resetting the firestick and installed the app again and it does the same thing.

  11. Bill says:

    could you add FTP server functionality ?

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