Downloader v1.4.3 released with GitHub compatibility fix and Browser included on Android/Google TV by default

Last week, GitHub made a change to how it serves files which was incompatible with Downloader. Since many app projects are hosted on GitHub, this resulted in Downloader displaying an error that read “URL needs authorization” when trying to download files hosted by GitHub. I’ve fixed the issue in Downloader version 1.4.3 and the updated version is already live in the Amazon Appstore for Fire TV devices and the Google Play Store for Android/Google TV devices. In the past, Google absurdly would not allow Downloader to have its built-in browser included by default, even though there are plenty of stand-alone browsers already in the Google Play Store for Android/Google TV devices. I gave it another try this time and Google finally approved Downloader with the browser included, so, as of v1.4.3, the browser plugin is no longer required for Android/Google TV devices.

  1. Claire Everett says:

    so you didnt tell me what to do take the old version off and reload or what?

  2. victor rivera says:

    Gracias Elias. si sabes,que tengo que hacer cuando quiero abrir una pelicula y sale necesita conectar XVId conect o algo asi. como hago para conectar eso.

  3. TechyChris says:

    Assuming it’s going to take a little time to pass through the Google Play Store? Currently November 10, 1 PM EST and Play Store shows “Not Available For Any of Your Devices” I have an Samsung Android Phone and Sony Android TV linked to my Google account, both running Android 11.

    • It’s already live in the Google Play Store. You’re not seeing it because the app isn’t available for phones/tablets at all, and I’ve actually also manually excluded the 29 Android/Google TV devices that run Android 11, so that’s why your TV can’t install it either. Android 11 changes how file access permissions are handled so I need to do a bit more work to get that working. I’m also waiting on Google’s Android TV developer deice to arrive so I can properly test the app, since I don’t have an Android 11 device.

  4. Step says:

    You have also excluded the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S That runs Android TV 9.
    Previously your app was present and I had already installed it! Now I can’t find it in the play store

    • Sorry about that. Google’s app console marks a few Xiaomi Mi TVs together as all Android 11 devices. I guess that’s not right. I’ve gone ahead and allowed all of them, even though some might actually be Android 11 devices that won’t be able to run the app correctly.

      For reference, here are the other excluded models:

      • A1 ADT-3 (adt3)
      • BenQ Smart TV (longshan)
      • BenQ 730 (redwood)
      • CAIXUN South of America (martin)
      • CHiQ Smart TV (longshan)
      • CHiQ H7 (redwood)
      • Changhong Smart TV (longshan)
      • Changhong H7 (redwood)
      • Haier Haier Android TV DVB2K (broadway)
      • Haier Haier Android TV FF Pro (daan)
      • Kogan Smart TV (longshan)
      • Korea Telecom MA4000 (MA4000)
      • Mecool KM7 (KM7)
      • Motorola Android TV (R4)
      • Nokia Android TV (R4)
      • Realme 4K Google TV Stick (YYT)
      • Realtek RealtekHank (RealtekHank)
      • Redmi MiTV (rango)
      • SK Broadband Home Entertainment Box (BIP-EB100)
      • SWTV SWTV-21AE (sunnyvale)
      • Sansui SANSUI (martin)
      • Shenzhen SEI Robotics waipu tv stick (SEI700WP)
      • Sony BRAVIA_VU (BRAVIA_VU1)
      • Sony BRAVIA_VU2 (BRAVIA_VU1_2K)
      • Sony BRAVIA_VU2 (BRAVIA_VU1_4K)
      • TCL BeyondTV6 (BeyondTV4)
      • TCL Smart TV Pro (C05)
      • TCL C06_2K_US (C06)
      • TCL G05_4K_US (G05)

  5. Michael Nix says:

    Ha!!!. All I can say is “About time.”

  6. Adam says:

    Found it.
    Thanks Elias.

  7. AC says:

    Love your app and have been following aftv news since the beginning. Thanks!

    I’m tired of using multiple apps to do the job. Are you going to add LAN functionality to downloader anytime soon? Or cloud drive support? Would be huge. (Unless I’m that dense and cannot figure out how to do it on my new 4k Max. Thanks

  8. Bert says:

    Please look into adding some sort of pop up blocker or like Amazon Silk, a message telling you that the page is trying to redirect. Your browser currently sends you all over the place if a APK site has any sort of advertising tied to its download button.

  9. Michae says:

    My downloader updated automatically, and now on my android TV box I get a light themed keyboard layout that I can’t navigate around with my remote. It works fine on my Firestick and shows v 1.4.3. My Android TV box shows 1.4.4.
    BUT, it might be something with the Google Store because I get the same keyboard when I do a search and am not in Downloader. Thoughts?

    • I don’t think there’s anything I can do about which keyboard the box decides to use, especially when the same keyboard appears outside of Downloader.

      My suggestion is to install an Android TV keyboard APK ( and then see if you can change to that keyboard. The setting is usually under Settings > System > Language…

  10. Timmy Horn Sr says:

    I’m using 17.6 and fen stopped showing links n menu’s a d I can not get github to work period on 17.6, please help me

  11. Hector guevara says:

    Is work whit iPhone …?

  12. Joe says:

    Is there a configuration file with Downloader? I want to pre-specify a URL and run it when Download starts (like a kiosk mode).

  13. Terold says:

    I’m try to add the downloader app on a android box running 7.1.2
    Is it possible? I’m doing it for friends who paid for super boxes and now they don’t work. I got it to work on one box a few months back but now it says it is not compatible with my device. It also said that on my Samsung Galaxy s9+

  14. Jane McDaid says:

    Hi there trying to install downloader on my TCL phone saying not compatible? Not tech savvy do unsure where to flgo from here

  15. K says:

    Hi I have a Samsung “frame” tv and want to download the app, it’s not allowing me to download? Any ideas, I’m in the uk?

  16. Peter says:

    sorry, Form writing years later but my Fire TV Cube gen 2 still cannot load any GitHub Links. When I am at a GitHub Download Page the Link list does load endlessly and never displays the actual links. So without having Access to the links you cannot click on it of course. So No Download possible. Maybe a New Update/fix is needed?

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