Downloader v1.1.7 is now live with more bug fixes for Fire TV 3 and other models

Downloader version 1.1.7 is now live in the Amazon Fire TV Appstore. This version hopefully fixes the last few remaining issues that were preventing the app from not downloading certain files correctly. I’ve actually split the code into a Fire OS 5 and Fire OS 6 version temporarily so that any potential bugs that make it in while I work on Fire TV 3 compatibility don’t affect older devices. (That is what happened with the v1.1.4 update, which broke certain file downloads on older Fire TV models.) There aren’t two listings and you don’t have to do anything special to get the right version. The Fire TV will automatically download the right version from the Amazon Appstore. I’ll merge the code back together in a future update once I’m confident everything is stable.

I’m sorry if having so many updates recently has been annoying. Just as my developer and I work into the night to fix issues and push out an update, we wake up to newly reported issues and get right back into it. That has been our cycle ever since the Fire TV 3 was released. Development costs haven’t been cheap, so if you appreciate the app, please consider donating through its home screen in-app purchase buttons or by supporting me on Patreon.

  1. Charlie says:

    Having fun yet?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Haha! I don’t mind the work, but what bugs me is there’s so much Fire TV 3 stuff I want to cover, yet the app has been eating up my time. Hopefully, this 1.1.7 version fixes everything so I can get back to my Fire TV 3 list.

  2. AFTVUser says:

    “…were preventing the app from not downloading certain files correctly.”

    Guessing you meant, “…were preventing the app from downloading certain files correctly.”

  3. Stan LaMuth says:

    I’ve got Version 1.1.7 . It works fine on all of my Fire TV Sticks and Verizon 1 and 2 players . It refuses to download anything properly on my 3rd Generation Fire TV . With each update it behaves a little bit differently but in the end doesn’t work. Please keep up the work .

  4. Basil says:

    No .apk downloads in 1.1.7 goes to websites like Nombro and Terrarium, but durin download gives “An unknown error has occurred. check your URL and connection”.

    Which are both fine since it opens the host websites, just will not download .apk

  5. Sküder says:

    I keep getting a connection lost error when I try try download Kodi 17.6. Any advice would be helpful.

  6. Ain Lewis says:

    Would Downloader app work on other Android boxes. i.e. Mygica 495 Pro HDR. If yes, how do I download it to the above mentioned device?

  7. merc says:

    fire tv 3 give an error when you try to download certain apk. (emu)
    it says storage deny how do you fix that problem

  8. merc says:

    fire tv 3 give an error when you try to download certain apk. (emu)
    it says storage deny how do you fix that problem

  9. tnbt says:

    While I can successfully download apk files with the app, the downloaded files are stored as Zip and I can’t open them. Using 1.1.7 on AFTV3 stick.

  10. DekinFrost says:

    Anyone with the link to download the APK via browser? The firesticks sold in India have a customer Amazon store which is extremely limited. I need to sideload downloader and every other app.

  11. Mike says:

    Is there any chance of a newer version of the downloader that would let you choose the USB drive as the download location?
    I’ve used it successfully to download a file from a shared Dropbox link, but am limited by the internal storage of the Fire TV. I’d love to be able to download directly to a 64GB USB drive.

  12. Shane says:

    My Downloader will not actually let me download anything. It keeps coming up with “error: lost connection”. I do not know what to do or why it is not working. I deleted it and reinstalled it and nothing is working. Please offer any advice you may have.

  13. Howard J Larsen says:

    not on Google Play Store

  14. L T Roberts says:

    downloader displays blank web pages. I am trying to download Ares Wizard for Kodi 18, but just keeps displaying blank pages, no files. Downloader displayed pages at first, but quit doing so. Version 1.1.7 help!

  15. Beat Meier says:

    Hello. Very nice but it’s missing an reload function!
    I’ve actualized my web page with some stuff to download but application
    has still old stuff cached.
    Not even power/off power/on FireTV will do it.
    Please can you add this function or how can I achieve it?

  16. Mat says:

    None of the apk links are working for me. Brand new firestick. I click on any link on and nothing happens. Ive doen this onnover 8 firesticks, settings are all on (adb, unknown sources), uninstalled and reinstalled. Nothing works.

  17. J Alexander says:

    Can not download anything on my new Fire Tv. Always get a “Connection Error “ when connections are fine. OS, Fire TV home version

  18. Anthony says:

    any way to get this on my son’t new Fire HD tablet? Amazon app store says it’s not a compatible device

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