Downloader v1.1.4 is now live — Fixes issue preventing Fire TV 3 from installing APKs

Version 1.1.4 of my Downloader app is now live and available for all Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions to use. The main purpose of this release is to fix an issue that was preventing owners of the new Fire TV 3 from installing APK files. If you have version 1.1.3 installed and can’t get your Fire TV to update the app, you can always uninstall it and then reinstall to get the latest version.

As Fire TV 3s began arriving yesterday, the issue with Downloader was discovered around mid-day and I had a fixed version completed and submitted that evening. If you appreciate the quick turnaround, please consider supporting the app by donating through the buttons on the app’s home screen or by supporting me on Patreon.

  1. rocky says:

    just unboxed 3rd gen Fire TV, the small square dongle, it comes up “Fire TV”, not Fire TV Stick”, so that what it is. Box is a larger version of 2nd gen system.

    loading Kodi thru the ES File Explorer straightforward, loading latest Fire TV Guru build without issue, adding repositories and enabling addons no different than with a first or second gen, operating on wifi the connection seems solid and fast.

    a trifle miffed at Amazon, preordered three 3rd gens, they are enroute, but went to local BestBuy last nite and bought one off the shelf. I tied up funds to get one asap, expecting ti to be delivered before there was shelf availability, that was a total fail, really irked.

  2. fassfa says:

    Last week Quill had a $100 off coupon when you buy 3. I dont think this is worth $69.99 but 3 for $109 was a steal.

  3. Charlie says:

    Amazon seemed to underestimate the need for the Ethernet adapter. It’s already out of stock until 11/21. That definitely cools any slight interest I had in ordering the dongle and probably does for others. Even with AC Wi-Fi I insist on wire for my streamers.

  4. derad says:

    Always have a hard time updating this app because amazon’s says I already have it. Is there a way I can just download the apk and install it manually

  5. dickchaney says:

    There a way to revert back to 1.3 this new version is all over the place for me

  6. Ronald G Reed says:

    I used Downloader a little while ago and before I got started it asked me if I wanted to upgrade to v1.1.4. I said yes, and did. Now it won’t download files using a URL shortener. I have four files shortened with tinyurl, and none of them worked, although they did before the update. I tried, and that didn’t work, either. They worked before. What happened?

  7. dantheman says:

    I had all kinds of problems with 114. so i uninstalled, went to website and downloaded the apk for 1.13. sideloaded it with esfile and now all is well again. something screwy going on with that 1.14 file.

  8. Tina says:

    wa able to get to the web page but now its says “error has occured, check URL or connection”. My connection is working fine or I wouldnt have been able to load the page to download. .this has been happening ever since yesturday. But today I actually got to the website. Its

  9. FYI people are reporting that it’s saying unable to download file (1.1.5)
    3 people already said it I think all on the FTV3

  10. Jim says:

    I just downloaded vers 1.1.6 and it won’t download terrarium.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Version 1.1.7 has just been submitted and is waiting for approval from Amazon. It will hopefully be live soon. This version should fix the last few remaining download issues on the Fire TV 3.

  11. Mark Ciccarelli says:

    I just got this and they have a block on this and you can not install VP vanish. It will not connect and just keeps buffering. I call a fire TV tech and they told me it is blocked.

  12. Mary jo putkonen says:

    When I try to use the downloader app on my fire stick it just says connecting and nothing happens. I am connected to the internet. Can you tell me what i need to do??

  13. Kelly says:

    I just received my fire tv 3 installed your app but can’t install SETV or ttv. I upgraded your app to 1.1.7 and it still doesn’t download. Any suggestions???

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