Downloader app v1.1.2 update adds Favorites and Browser Menu

The new version 1.1.2 update to my Downloader app has just gone live for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The update got stuck in Amazon’s review process, but has finally made it through. The two big new features are favorites and a browser menu. Favorites (a.k.a. bookmarks) allow you to easily save and load websites you visit often and the browser menu gives you quick access to those favorites, the ability to favorite the page you’re viewing, and a convenient JavaScript toggle. Additionally, this update adds German language translations throughout the entire app. I’ve also revamped the Downloader page on AFTVnews with screenshots and detailed documentation about all of the app’s features.

The Downloader app now has a new “Favorites” section where you can view, open, and manage favorites. You can add a new favorite by entering the URL and an optional name for the favorite. A new favorite can also be added by navigating to a page using the built-in browser and selecting the “Add current page to favorites” option form the new browser menu. When adding a favorite using the browser, the name of the favorite is automatically pre-filled, using the web page’s title, as is the URL.

If you want to quickly add several favorites at once, without having to manually enter each one using the onscreen keyboard, you can import a list of favorites from a file or a URL. To import favorites from a file, create a .txt file containing a properly formatted list of favorites and place the file in the download folder (default: /sdcard/Downloader/) configured in the app’s settings. Then just pick the “Import favorites from file” option in the favorites menu and select the import file.

If your import file is hosted somewhere online, you also have the option to import favorites from a URL. I’ve included support for pages, like this sample page, so you can load up the site on a PC or phone, write down the URLs you want to add as favorites, and enter the Pastebin URL into Downloader’s import from URL option. This is probably the quickest and easiest way to add a list of favorites because Pastebin does not require logging in and its URLs are always short, making them easy to enter using the onscreen keyboard.

The format of the import file is very straight forward. Each favorite you’re adding needs to be on its own line. List the URL first, and if you want to include a name, add a space after the URL and then the name. You can also export your list of favorites to a file. The exported favorites file will be in the exact format as above, so it can quickly be imported back into the app.

Once you have a list of favorites, you can highlight one and press the menu button on the remote to view management options. You can edit, delete, and reorder favorites. There’s also an option to delete all favorites, so you can start fresh without having to clear the entire app’s settings.

This updated version of Downloader also has a new browser menu. From the browser menu, which you can open by pressing the menu button on the remote while in the “Browser” section of the app, you can quickly get to your list of favorites and select one to load in the browser. As mentioned before, the browser menu also allows you to add the current web page as a favorite without typing anything. Lastly, I’ve included a toggle in the browser menu to turn JavaScript on and off, without having to go to the settings section every time. I hope to add more browser options to this menu in the future, like a full screen mode, zooming options, and a mobile/desktop version toggle.

There are several other changes, like full German language support, in this update. You can see the full change log on the new version history page. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards the development of this app. I love that I can add new features while continuing to keep the app 100% free without any ads. I’m eager to start working on the next update, which should include Kodi and SPMC auto-updating, so please consider donating using the in-app purchase buttons on the app’s home screen.

  1. Joe says:

    Here is a test file (url) I created that can be used to import using url option…

  2. TechyChris says:

    Elias, Thank you for your dedication to this much needed app. Just my humble opinion but I wouldn’t publicly associate the app too closely with SPMC or KODI, those apps seem to be political hotbeds depending on which side your on. Wouldn’t want to see Downloader labeled as a “Bad Apple” But i’m sure you know better than me.

  3. Ellis says:

    Fantastic app. Love how I can share apps that are in my hosting server just by giving the users the URL. Brilliant work dev.

  4. Russ says:

    So I found the link to version 1.1.2 and tested it on the nvidia shield tv.

    Bugs found are:

    When downloaded an apk within the app it says “no app found to handle this file” so can’t install the apk.

    APK-Auto-install not working (related to bug listed above)

    When selecting the favourites menu on the left panel and selecting a favourite the app crashes.

    I will test for more bugs…
    Would be nice to be able to set the browser homepage to page of your choice also.

    If the bugs could be fixed this would be a great universal downloaded app for all android devices :)

    • Don says:

      Thanks for making Downloader available and continuing its development. It is a useful tool.

      A minor point: Adding a website as a favorite is great, but subsequently clicking on it starts as though it is downloading an APK instead of returning to the URL as a browser.

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