Downloader app incompatible with Amazon Fire TV 3 – Fix has already been submitted and is pending Amazon approval

The current 1.1.3 version of my Downloader app in the Amazon appstore is not compatible with the new Amazon Fire TV 3. When you try to install an APK file within Downloader, the APK does not install and a message saying “No app found to handle this file” appears. I have fixed the issue and have already submitted an updated 1.1.4 version of Downloader to the appstore. The update just needs to be approved by Amazon first, which usually takes about 24 hours, so the update should be live tomorrow. In the meantime, you can use Downloader to download files as usual and then switch to the free app Total Commander in order to install APKs. Simply navigate to the “Internal shared storage” > “Downloader” directory inside Total Commander and select the APKs you want to install.

  1. Chimera says:

    Thanks for updating the app so quickly! Can someone confirm that the AFTV 3 can run 64-bit Kodi? One person in the launch thread below had managed it but many of us have tried and failed. One of the Kodi team members posted this in their forum :

    “it seems that only the 32-bit kodi version (armv7) is compatible, because the box is equipped with 32-bit android.”

    That doesn’t sound like the 64-bit version will run, but again someone here posted that it does. I’m having terrible performance with the 32bit version of Kodi at 4k and seriously considering returning the AFTV3.

  2. Eric Delaney says:

    I am also having the same problem downloading on the Fire TV 3 with 32-bit and 64-bit Kodi…. Please advise

  3. Harry J says:

    What’s up with the “user pictures” for your app on amazon? They are hilarious, but have nothing whatsoever to do with the program. Is this a meme of some kind?

  4. Art Jones says:

    Downloader has always caused this problem for me-it says login to AppStore- button won’t take me to login and I know I am logged in already-unable to download anything because of this pop up!

  5. James Taylor says:

    Has it been updated yet(10/27/2017)?

  6. Tammy says:

    So has the issue been resolved? Approved by Amazon?

  7. Roman says:

    Whenever I input user name and password on pitv it reloads the page but doesn’t take me to the next portal. Any fixes?

  8. Gilly says:

    Unknown error has occurred. Check url or connection?

  9. Carol Lopez says:

    Mine is not working. It shows Error: No Connection. Please advise

  10. Mr Hanky says:

    You need to turn the debugging off and on then connect with ADB sideloader.

  11. Lyle owings says:

    I have tried everything I’ve read nothing works

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