Downgrading Blocked on Latest Batch of Amazon Fire TVs


Some Amazon Fire TVs are starting to ship with an updated recovery partition that is blocking downgrades. The ability to downgrade is important, as it is currently a necessary step to installing ClockworkMod Custom Recovery. These latest Fire TVs are arriving with software version installed. The good news is, since these Fire TVs are arriving with a rootable software version, it is simple enough to replace the new downgrade-blocking recovery partition with the older one that allows downgrades. I have updated my downgrading guide with full instructions to do just that incase you find yourself with a Fire TV that fails to downgrade. Unfortunately, this means that this is likely the final batch of rootable Fire TVs to ship from Amazon, as the next batch will surely ship with an unrootable software version. If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new Fire TV to root, you better act fast and get one of the last rootable Fire TVs while they last!

  1. Frank says:

    One thing that I’ve noticed about this website is that there is a LOT of information and you only know you need it when you run into a problem.

    Something that would be handy would be a wiki or a flowchart (do you want to root? which version are you on? do you want google play? etc…)

    Just a suggestion for additional content. I’ve been able to find every answer here once I knew I needed to ask the question :)

  2. Nick says:

    Hi I just bought a FTV and it has the latest update on it. Does this mean I’m beat or is there a way to downgrade the firmware or recover it with a root able firmware.

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