Dolby surround sound issues on 2nd-Gen Fire TV — Amazon working on a fix

Many people are reporting that the 2nd-Gen Fire TV is not producing Dolby surround sound when playing content other than Amazon Instant Video. A reddit post and a post on Amazon’s forums regarding the issue list reports from numerous users hearing only stereo audio when using apps like Netflix and Plex on the new Fire TV. I’ve reached out to Amazon about the issue and am told they’ve discovered a few bugs with Dolby audio and are quickly working on a fix. Amazon tells me to expect Dolby audio on the 2nd-gen Fire TV to work just as it did on the 1st-gen Fire TV, and to expect a fix to start rolling out later this week. A reply from Amazon on a review which mentions the issue says all devices will receive the update containing the fix by October 22nd.

  1. Donovan says:

    What about shutter,jitters/judders issue with Netflix? You notice it when panning the camera.

  2. “Amazon tells me to expect Dolby audio on the 2nd-gen Fire TV to work just as it did on the 1st-gen Fire TV, and to expect a fix to start rolling out later this week.”

    well that sucks, since it doesn’t work in Plex on the 1st Gen device at all and it was an Amazon bug. So I assume no 5.1 for Plex fans based on that comment.

    • Itzme says:

      That’s the issue that’s preventing me from buying one. I’ll wait and see what happens with the new Apple TV and Plex. I’m disappointed that neither offer DTS on Plex.

  3. Brian Miller says:

    … well this does prove one thing Amazon is listening and trying to make it better

    • natebetween says:

      I suppose…but for such a large company with such a flagship device, there seem to be way too many issues at launch. Sound bugs…remote pairing issues…physical remote issues…etc.

      Don’t they have a QC department?

    • not really… the issue plagued the first device and they ignored it for well, yup still an issue.

  4. Melt says:

    Yeah, Plex is my main concern too. I like the FireTV1 but not having surround sound has been a struggle for me over time.

  5. Korazan says:

    You guys can’t live without surround sound 5.1 but don’t mind the jitters and panning issues at the video output ? You’ve got to be kidding! Don’t tell me you bought AFTV just for listening.

    • I never had stuttering issues, although I admit I switched in April over to a Rasberry Pi 2 as its transcodes nothing and supports 5.1. The only reason I still look into these things is because the Pi is plex and only plex, I want 1 device for Plex, Amazon Video, SlingBox and HBO :).

  6. natebetween says:

    If you go to the AFTV2 page on Amazon, and scroll just slightly down…the guy on the left…his face really tells the whole story of the experience so far.

  7. Bill says:

    That may explain the Kodi problem I’m having which is far worse than just no Dolby.

    I keep seeing the Mute symbol top-right. No volume from menus or videos. Going into a video and selecting the volume offset (which goes to -60db when this happens) and saving for all should fix, but doesn’t.

    Even weirder, I restarted the AFTV2 and Kodi and saw the mute active. I went into a TV show and played and the volume corrected, mute went away. Then I went into a movie and it re-muted. Even going back into the same TV show that worked a minute earlier was muted.

    I suspect the audio codec is crashing something in AFTV2. I hope Amazon’s fix helps me. Anyone else with ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

    • SuperKeeg says:

      I’ve had the same problem and it took me a while to fix. If you have a keyboard (bluetooth or USB) try pressing the Volume Up (+ or =, try them both) That might fix the problem.

      • Bill says:

        That fixed it and seems to stick, though I haven’t restarted.

        That led to another odd thing. Another movie distorted the movie audio into a rapid sprocket sound. I noticed audio settings had ‘passthrough’ enabled on the FireTV2. I compared to my FireTV(1) which did not have passthrough enabled. Fixed that, too, but makes me wonder how many more of these differences I’m going to find.

        #Frustrated #Disappointed

        • Bill says:

          Update. Fix does not stick. Kodi keeps going back to Mute whenever I restart it.

          • Kamex says:

            Same issue here, after getting the AFTV2, installed kodi and everything was working fine until the tv AFTV2 went to sleep and it came back i started having all this issues, seems to be the device and not Kodi, since the clicking sounds on the menus are gone too

  8. BillH says:

    Please Amazon. Don’t bring all these bugs to the 1st gen FireTV with an update. I can’t believe Amazon would send out the 2nd gen FireTV without knowing about all these problems. I don’t see any reason why to upgrade from my old 1st gen FireTV.

  9. Dave says:

    Am concerned about the 1st gen fire tv and if the update to fire os 5 make the USB drive unusable for moving apps

  10. cosmos79 says:

    I’m glad I didn’t “upgrade” to the AFTV2 yet. Based on all the negative user reviews I’ve been reading at Amazon, and the issues I’ve been reading about here, it doesn’t look like I’ll be upgrading anytime soon, if ever.

  11. Rafael Rodriguez says:

    Any updates on this ‘fix’? I started using it today (oct 29th) and is good at the beginning and the it starts to produce a high pitch distortion.

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