Dolby Atmos surround sound audio is supported in Netflix on the Fire TV Stick 4K Max

One of the shortcomings of the original Fire TV Stick 4K is that, even though the device supports Dolby Atmos surround sound audio, it is not supported within the Netflix app. This is because, for some absurd reason, Netflix has decided that only devices running Fire OS 7 will support Dolby Atmos in Netflix, even though there are plenty of apps supporting Dolby Atmos on Fire OS 6 devices. Since the original Fire TV Stick 4K runs Fire OS 6, it does not support Dolby Atmos in Netflix. Thankfully, the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max addresses that shortcoming by running Fire OS 7 and it does support Dolby Atmos playback in Netflix.

  1. max says:

    Not going to buy another FireTV-device again after what Amazon does to the 4K-Stick, keeping it on OS6 although the SoC obvious works in OS7 too (2020-Sticks!), thus deprecating it out of greed.
    There’s enough electronic waste, Amazon should know better (“climate pledge”).

  2. Bacon says:

    The Atmos exclusion doesn’t have anything to do with the version of Fire OS. They require hardware decoding for Atmos even though most devices can passthru Atmos over DD+ which is what Netflix provides. Same reason devices like the original 4k Roku Streaming Stick don’t support Atmos with Netflix, even though apps like Disney+ and Vudu pass Atmos just fine on the same device.

    Netflix seems to be updating their apps to support Atmos on devices without the hardware decoder, since the Chromecast with Google TV supports it and doesn’t have hardware decoding.

  3. Lukas Schiller says:

    Is this also true if you only watch in 1080p? I’m asking because ATM on Prime, you have to be on 4K to watch the few titles that offer it in Atmos on the old 4K stick. I have my 1080p TV for 10 years and I don’t intend to switch, but I would swap the stick if I’d be able to get Atmos out of it with this setup.

    • Mm says:

      Yes on Netflix it’s different, Atmos is independent from 4k / UHD. Which makes complete sense.
      Disney+ is like prime video in this regards :(
      For prime video it’s not a big of a deal as they anyway don’t have much atmos content.

      • letour_001 says:

        Good to know that Netflix is separating ATMOS audio from 4K video. HBO Max does the same. I have sent multiple ‘feedback’ requests to Disney+ to do the same.

  4. Darryl says:

    Thank you for explaining it to me, cause after.buying the stick, the HD stick and now the Cube. I was wondering why Netflix still isn’t giving me 4K.

  5. Kojima1 says:

    I have the new Fire Stick Max and I still can’t get atmos on netflix. I have the premium subscription on netflex. Still no Atmos

    • kid says:

      ATMOS Works with Fire Max for me on Netfkix…FINALLY!!!!

      • Kojima1 says:

        Yes! Same here. I don’t know what happened but Netflix Atmos is operational.

        • Nelson E Santos says:

          But do you get it on Disney+ and HBO Max? I’ve been reading in several places that while Netflix Atmos works on 4KMax, Disney+ doesn’t. Waiting for confirmation before I buy.

      • Nelson says:

        But do you get it on Disney+ and HBO Max? I’ve been reading in several places that while Netflix Atmos works on 4KMax, Disney+ doesn’t. Waiting for confirmation before I buy. Thx

  6. Larry K says:

    Disney+ now has Atmos. Not yet with HBO Max.

    • Aleks says:

      The oldee version of HBO Max works has Atmos. You just have to sideload it.

    • phil says:

      I have a question I’m hoping you can answer.
      I have the Samsung S95B and the Sonos Beam G2 sound bar.
      Both should get Dolby Atmos.
      When I watch a show on HBO and other streams that show it should be Atmos. I’m only getting Dolby 5.1 plus.
      The only stream that will be coming up as a true Atmos is when I watch Disney plus shows.
      Do you have any idea why this is happening?

      thank you,

  7. Larry K says:

    HBO Max now has Atmos too.

  8. Bruce says:

    Thank you so much for giving me a simple and direct answer to my search.

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