DIY Network and Cooking Channel apps arrive on the Amazon Fire TV


Both the DIY Network and the Cooking Channel have just released new apps for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. I’m mentioning them together in this post because both networks are owned by Scripps and the two new apps are practially identical. Both offer a live stream of their respective channel if you activate the app through a participating cable subscription. Doing so will also give you on-demand access to the latest full episodes. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you still have access to some content, but most of it will consist of shorter clips instead of full episodes. These two new apps join HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel apps, which are all owned by Scripps and all share the same app layout.

  1. Tony Cole says:

    Why doesn’t the DYI Network website work anymore for the firestick?

  2. Becky Edwards says:

    The DIY activation site is nowhere on the Web, so the info above is as useless as the Amazon app.

  3. Jason Lassen says:

    the wbsite will not let any access ability to sign in.. i just went through a dozen codes

  4. robin rene miller-mcmullen says:

    I feel your pain just tried and can’t find direct tv now in provider list

  5. Rachel Webb says:

    I have the fire stick,downloaded the DIYnetwork,and i still can’t watch my favorite shows.Tried to do the the codes from my phone.

  6. Unhappy customer says:

    Thanks for selling out.

  7. Stanley Tims says:

    Cant watch diy or cooking channel cant activate it to watch yhem live

  8. Dawn says:

    Just got the firestick and I am not a fan all because I cant get the channel I watch the most. DIY is my favorite thing to watch. Yes I have cable in my main living room, but I let the other members of my family use that tv for their games. I have downloaded the app go to put the activation code in and it says invalid code. I may as well kept my Ruko in my room, heard so much good stuff about the firestick now I doubt it at all.

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