Disney Movies Anywhere app released for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Disney has just released a new Disney Movies Anywhere app for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. The app lets you watch all of your Disney content from your cloud-based Disney Movies Anywhere account. You can also browse Disney’s vast library of movies, watch previews, and even view special features like behind the scenes videos. There is no option to purchase content through the app itself, which is likely a measure to avoid sharing in-app purchase revenue with Amazon.

Now that Amazon has joined the Disney Movies Anywhere digital movie locker network, this app is mostly unnecessary. If you link your Amazon and Disney accounts together, not only will you get a free movie, but you’ll be able to watch any digital Disney movie that you’ve purchased, regardless of where you purchased it, through Amazon’s Instant Video service. Amazon Instant Video viewing is a much better experience than this new app, so you might as well use it since your library will be available through either service. Roku and Android TV will also be receiving a Disney Movies Anywhere app later this year. It speaks for the platform’s success that a company like Disney has decided to prioritize the Fire TV over competing devices.

  1. Debra Sumner says:

    I paid for the Disney Channel through my bank account with them and I can’t activate my TV without a provider but I stream I paid Disney not the provider

  2. Debra Sumner says:

    Well I can come I can cast Disney from the app on Chromecast and watch Beauty and the Beast or whatever I want to watch but I can’t get it on the firestick now what is up with that when I paid Disney I ordered it not Amazon

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