Dish Network brings their Dish Anywhere app to Amazon Fire TV devices

Dish Network has just released a version of their Dish Anywhere app on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. This app allows those subscribed to Dish’s traditional satellite TV service to stream all of the same content through the Fire TV. The app doesn’t offer any content at all for non-Dish customers, but for those who do subscribe, you can access all of your live, on demand, and DVRed content.

The very first thing you see when launching the app is an activation code, so you’ll need to be a Dish Network subscriber before you can even see what the app has to offer, yet alone watch anything. The first content screen in the app is the Featured section where the app highlights top content available to view.

Moving past the featured content is the program guide. Here you can see the exact same content accessible through the satellite service. You can select anything currently airing and start viewing live content, however, the content is streamed from your compatible Dish Network satellite box and not from Dish’s servers. This means, to view live content, you will need to have a compatible Hopper satellite box in your home.

The DVR section of the app is fairly straightforward. It allows you to access the recordings on your satellite boxes through a Fire TV device. Again, this will rely on having a compatible satellite box to use.

Unlike the live and DVR sections of the app, the on demand section does not rely on having a Hopper box to view content. So if you have an older satellite receiver, you’ll probably get the most use out of this section. The number of available movies, shows, and episodes will vary greatly depending on the network and series. Some shows have as little as 1 or 2 on demand episodes available, while others will have much more.

Dish Network subscribers will definitely get the most out of the new Dish Anywhere app if they have one of the newer Hopper compatible set-top boxes. That will allow you to view live content from anywhere you have a Fire TV devices, as well as all of your recorded content. Those with a basic satellite receiver will probably be better off activating and using an individual network app with your DIsh subscription.

  1. Carolyn says:

    Does this work in reverse? Can a Fire Stick now be used on Dish?

  2. cessare says:

    Any one can give me dish account ,i can give direct tv and now account and xfinity

  3. cessare says:

    i think it will work Pawdog ,if u have it just let me know

  4. John Andersen says:

    The app works awesome. Depending on the actual dish setup and the number of tuners you can have multiple streaming accounts. I can tell you it plays far better in Canada that either than the Directv option with some simple proxy spoofing instead of a complete VPN.
    BTW I would love to pay for 1/2 of someones Dish subscription. Sometimes being Canadian is a real pain.

  5. Firester says:

    There is a few things they need to incorporate into their app. The app doesn’t let you select or create a favorites list so you don’t have to grow through all the crappy channels. There’s no video window view when going back to guide while watching live tv. When you hit the stop video play button and it goes back to guide, it will put you back on the beginning top of guide, at least for me it did this most of the time. It should throw you back to the channel order area where you were last at. Just a few I have noticed so far.

    • Rick says:

      It would also be nice if they let you choose a “profile”. When I am watching Dish Anywhere on my TV using Amazon Fire Stick and then my wife tries to watch Dish Anywhere on her iPad, it comes up with a message something like “another user is viewing video from this receiver. do you want to takeover the video?” If you select yes, i can then no longer view it on the Amazon Fire Stice.

  6. narc says:

    got excited about this but then i realized i cant watch live tv unless you have a hopper. i think i’d have to sign a new 2 year contract to get new equipment and i dont want to do that. i doubt i will ever use the on demand.

  7. Thrashman says:

    Has anybody got it working on a stick? I can only get on-demand to work. Works fine on my Fire tv box.

    • cessare says:

      Thrashman can u share ur account with me ,if u do i can send some premium accounts such as netflix ,hulu direct tv -now xfinity tidal minercraft i have more premiun working accounts

  8. cessare says:

    Thrashman can u share ur account with me ,if u do i can send some premium accounts such as netflix ,hulu direct tv -now xfinity tidal minercraft i have more premiun working accounts

  9. G says:

    Hi! I cannot download this to my 1st gen fire TV box – on Amazon it says that the fire TV is not a compatible device. what are the requirements to run the dish app?

  10. Lina says:

    I use dish on the firestick and it constantly buffers.way too much. Would that be my wifi connection or the firestick software or the dish app? Thanks!

  11. Larry D says:

    dish anywhere works perfectly on my ipad,but buffers and freezes and my amazon firestick… why

  12. Patrick says:

    Does the firestick work on dish cable satellite or only on WiFi? I am not a technical person at all, I live in the mountains I never owned a phone gadget where you can flip thru pictures or whatever with your finger! I just about jumped out of my skin when I first saw my niece do that! I still use a land line phone and a flip phone! I don’t get those electric cars either, can’t even hear them back up! I shop at Walmart, on occasion one of those spaceships on wheels will be backing up out from a parking spot, I nearly get ran down by them they don’t make any noise! So have patience with me, LOL!

  13. Joe McGee says:

    If you use the Amazon Firestick with the Dish Anywhere app, does it actually use bandwidth from both locations? The ISP where the hopper is located and the ISP where the Dish Anywhere signal is being recieved? Seems to me it would have to be the case to watch saved content on the hopper. If so, the quality of the picture would have to suffer as well as use up data limits with some providers.

  14. Rita S says:

    I don’t understand anything about satellite, cable or other, but i did purchase a fire stick (i let a friend at work talk me into it) and got to thinking, what if it doesn’t work with DishNetwork? I’m pretty sure i have a smart tv, but not sure about anything else. And do I have to have a hopper, whatever that is? I’m not finding my question being answered! I’m old and don’t understand any of this new-fangled stuff! Send help immediately!!!!

  15. Bridgett joned says:

    I am trying to download dish anywhere on my TV (again). I am not sure why it stopped working. I sent for a new code and one was given, but it does not give the screen to enter the code anymore. I erp getting message that the system is down.

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