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Many people are asking me to post about, and comment on, a certain image related to the Fire TV Stick 4K that has recently surfaced online. Due to the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) I signed when I started working for Amazon, I cannot comment on the image. Since comments related to the image are leaking into other unrelated posts, I have moved those comments to this post for you all to use as a central place to discuss the image.

    • Sorry, but I’m still under NDA with Amazon and therefore cannot comment about that photo. I emailed Amazon about it and their official response is: “We do not comment on rumors or speculation.”

    • Red says:

      Rumored Specs 666?
      Maybe they just updated the remote :(

      • 666 says:

        Nope, just a picture that was posted on Reddit, don’t know if it’s fake. If they don’t update the OS on the current 4K, I would guess they release a new one by April. In the US maybe it’s not as noticeable but in Europe, providers release apps that demand the latest Android version, 9 at least, the Firestick 4K is still on Android 7.1, they need to do something about that. Also Roku has a AV1 capable device since last year, the Ultra, Amazon has none, another reason for a hardware update. I’d expect it has the amlogic s905x4 or an equivalent, it would be dumb to release anything new that isn’t AV1 capable.

  1. clocks says:

    I don’t like that the remote is starting to get cluttered with buttons.

  2. Jonathan Ryan says:

    I wish they would fix the prime interface. Its been horrible for years. I hate it. Such a mess compared to netflix. As a matter of fact, they need to fix their 10 year old, just show me the comments webpage nonsense too. I get it, saving money and no debugging but really, who doesn’t hate most every amazon interface?

  3. Rik Emmett says:

    I would think many devices would get bricked, if they tried to upgrade the OS.

  4. Anthony Rossetti says:

    i just want a fix for the wifi problems
    i hope they update the current 4k sticks to fix the issue
    my 4k sticks wifi constantly stops working
    happens on 5 different 4k sticks
    happens on both bands of my router ,happens on my phones hotspot ,happens on neighbors wifi .
    shows no available networks where there are like 60 of them , will not detect any networks and the stick has to be rebooted

    i had the same problem with my windows 8.1 ultrabook
    drops the wifi and then won’t detect any networks
    but running the trouble shooter fixes it i don’t have to reboot
    i think i fixed it now by reinstalling the drivers for the wifi adapter like 5 times

    same thing happened on not just my wifi network but on multiple different networks and in different locations so it is not my router, network , or interference

    all my other devices besides the 4k sticks and ultrabook have no problems ,

    the current 4k sticks have some major issue with the wifi drivers

    • clocks says:

      Never had any wifi problems with any of my 10+ FTV devices I have owned over the years. In fact I feel the wifi is better on them than some of the other streaming devices I have tried.

      • Anthony Rossetti says:

        i have no problems with the 3 1st gen sticks i have
        no longer use them but hooked them up to test
        once i got the 3 new 4k sticks i started having the problems
        RMA’s 2 of them and the 2 new ones do the same exact thing
        connect the onld 1st gens to the same 2 TV’s and no problems
        i have 3 chromecasts, a mi box 3 ,and 2 HD 10’s and 3 fire 7’s and most of my fire tablets have no issues either
        though the fire HD 8 (model before the new one)now disconnects when it sleeps but once i wake it and reconnect it is fine

        i don’t what is causing my sticks to have this issue

      • Neogeo71 says:

        agreed. never had wifi issues.

  5. mrvco says:

    An updated FireStick means an opportunity to dust behind the television.

  6. Farley Alves Ferreira says:

    Só gostaria que eles atualizassem logo o fire 4K para o layout novo. Só o lite até agora que tem. E de preferência dessem atenção a alguns apps que estão tendo judder por causa do framerate.

  7. Scooby says:

    Netflix has a requirement that if you include their app pre-installed on your product, your remote control must include a dedicated button to launch it.

    On the FTV 4k, the thing they need to fix is lip sync. I often have music playing during the day while working, and then when I launch any video app in the evening the audio/video lip sync is all off, regardless of which video app I use (I subscribe to four services). If I go to my FTV 4k Settings and restart the stick, the lip sync issue is gone.

    I work in this industry. Streams have identifiers to help with synchronization when decoding. This is “digital video 101” stuff, and it’s driving me insane. About to throw away my FTV 4k and move to Chromecast.

  8. Jesse says:

    Does amazon have any news on a software update for existing 4K firestick users? I know you cannot speculate on rumors I get that… but has amazon made any statement on if the existing 4K firesticks will be updated or not?

  9. Neil says:

    I note nobody has commented so far, so I thought I’d jump in… Some of the services listed on the box (bottom row of icons) are Australian channels.

    • Red says:

      From the Streamable article linked above –

      “Amazon’s Fire Stick 4K may be nearing a new update according to a new leak on an Australian tech forum.”……..

      “The content hubs at the top of the box indicate this image could be a leaked European or Oceania model, as traditional American media houses like CBS, ABC, and FOX are missing in lieu of UK and Australian outlets like Stan., 9Media, and 10play.

      Amazon doesn’t currently offer a Fire Stick 4K model in Australia. They did launch the Fire Stick and Fire Stick Lite in that market.”…….

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