DirecTV Now is offering a Free Fire TV with 2 month subscription [Expired]

DirecTV Now is currently giving away a free 3rd generation Amazon Fire TV to new customers who sign up for the streaming service and prepay for 2 months. The offer is not displayed on the main website but as you go through the sign-up process, a “Special offer” step just before checking out will present you the choice to select a free Fire TV if you pay for 2 months upfront or a free Apple TV if you pay for 4 months upfront. The offer is the same regardless of whether you select the $35, $50, $60, or $70 per month plan. Selecting the $35 per month plan means you’ll need to pay $70 upfront to get the free Fire TV. Once the 2 prepaid months are over, you’ll be given the standard 7-day free trial period before you begin to be charged the monthly fee again. Canceling during the free 7-days would be ideal if you don’t plan to keep the service after the initial prepaid months.

  1. Jim Takach says:

    Too bad, new subscribers only. How about us, old disgruntled former subscribers???? ;-)

  2. Charlie says:

    It seems like all these giveaways are for new subscribers, even if you haven’t been subscribed in a long time. I guess the idea is to attract new customers, not reward loyalty. It’s like having a job for years and the company hiring a new guy making the same pay. It seems a little unfair, but it’s the way things are generally done. I think it possible and not altogether unethical, I think, to open a new account, with all new information in order to get the deal. Why shouldn’t you find a way to reward yourself for that loyalty?

  3. binger says:

    Great find, Elias!

    Used to love my satellite TV subscription until prices escalated from 19.99/month to over $100/month. Like cable, satellite TV still has commercials. I did love the PVR though.

    I enjoy Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Kodi (local library not streaming) and Fire TV, *but* I hate all the advertising Amazon does in the interface. A voice search on AFTV Bo, it is impossible to display free content included in Prime membership. Also Alexa keeps on getting “cuter” rather than smarter.

    Thinking the Apple TV version of this deal might be better. Tried the Amazon Video app on my old pre-siri remove Apple TV and it’s less cluttered, works flawlessly, no ads, and doesn’t display content that isn’t included in Prime.

    Before taking the plunge have 3 questions:
    1. On rooted 2nd Gen AFTV 4K, is it possible to remove clutter and redundancies from the main screen easily? Like to keep it up to date with current software using downloader tool developed by Elias and rbox updates.

    2. Any reviews on DirectTV streaming service? Pros? Cons? Advertising?

    3. What can I do to make sure Elias from this wonderful site, gets the affiliate link credit? I click on links for different products while reading other sites.

    • AFTVnews says:

      1. It’s easy to keep a rooted 2nd Gen updated, but not easy to remove clutter. I’ve seen a few attempts at it but they tend to break with updates so you’re often faced with the decision of updating for new features or keeping your customizations. Note that when DirecTV Now launched, it detected rooted devices and blocked access. There was an easy workaround, but I don’t know if it still works.

      2. I’ve never used DirecTV Now. You might find feedback in the comments of these posts:

      3. I appreciate the gesture, but you never need to worry if I get affiliate credit for something. Just sign up however it’s most convenient for you. In this specific case, I’m not part of DirecTV Now’s affiliate program.

  4. JP says:

    already have the fire 4k device. but where this really shines is the apple 4k. even if it is lower storage that ends up being 140 dollars instead off 199. So a good majority of my library will be upgraded and streaming in 4k for less than retail? count me in!

  5. BobD says:

    How do you get around the Internet data caps with Dish for this to even be remotely possible?

    • Jp says:

      I don’t use dish I was fortuanate to move from an att unversed household soon after they implemented their cap/throttling which they tried to market as consumer friendly choices. Now I have wow way fiber at 5x the speed uverse offered at half the price with no throttling or caps.

      • BobD says:

        So this doesn’t pertain to you at all?

        • Jp says:

          It pertains to me in that I just subscribed to “dish now” for the four month promo of free Apple TV. But my new provider does not cap or throttle Internet. So I don’t use att or dish internet service which caps users and charges extra if you go over their cap. Sorry if first post was unclear

          • BobD says:

            OK… Well I’m interested in what people do who use Dish as their ISP with the data caps for Netflix, and Fire TV.

        • Jp says:

          It pertains to me in that I just subscribed to “direct now” for the four month promo of free Apple TV. But my new provider does not cap or throttle Internet. So I don’t use att or direct tv internet service which caps users and charges extra if you go over their cap. Sorry if first post was unclear

      • djino says:

        Is anyone able to confirm which version of the Apple TV this is?

        I’m assuming the 4K 32GB version?

        • Jp says:

          32gb 4K is what the promo says I will know for sure next week but if it’s not the 4K I’ll be steamed.

          • Jp says:

            I got mine in the mail a few days ago it was as described 4K 32gb. Now with movies anywhere I can stream most of my current collection of movies from Vudu amazon and Apple in 4K without having to repurchase!

  6. djino says:

    Offer on the Apple TV changed to 3 months now :)

    • Jp says:

      Holy Moses that is almost half off apple 4K this is a no brained if you are in the market for this Apple TV. This plus movies anywhere account upgrades 80 percent of my movie collection to 4k

      • djino says:

        Yup. I had hesitated on the 4 month offer when this article was posted.

        Glad I did, because I am pleasantly surprised to see it has been reduced. I pulled the trigger last night. Now I’m waiting for my new Apple TV 4K to arrive :)

        • Jp says:

          Got mine yesterday and the setup is a dream if you have iPhone or iPad Already if you have movies and shows on google play or amazon video be sure to sync your accounts on movies anywhere app.

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