Developer Options, Sideloading, Downloader, and Remote Button Remapping all work on the Fire TV Cube 3

With all new Fire TV models, there are always people wondering if anything has been done to thwart sideloading apps and, thankfully, it’s all business as usual with the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube. Developer options are present and behave just as they do on other Fire TV models, although, as you’d expect, they follow the new behavior where developer options are initially hidden and must be revealed. My Downloader app works just fine and you can enable the option to allow it to install unknown apps just fine and use it to sideload APKs on the Fire TV Cube 3. My button remapping utility also works fine to remap the app shortcut buttons of the Fire TV Cube’s remote. However, everything isn’t perfect because there is one old sideloading issue that has resurfaced on the new Cube.

The really old bug where some sideload apps have missing or broken icons is, unfortunately, present on the new Fire TV Cube. This is really strange because, after over a year of ignoring the issue, Amazon finally fixed this bug a couple of months ago. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect all sideloaded apps. Just the ones that store their icon image a certain way.

Even though I’ve made sure to install all OS and system component updates, I have noticed that some of the system apps on the new Fire TV Cube are older than the ones on my other Fire TV devices, like the 2nd-gen Cube or Fire TV Stick 4K Max, where this bug isn’t present anymore. The Fire TV Home Launcher version on the new Cube, where I assumed this bug lived, also seems up to date and matches the version on my older Fire OS 7 devices. Hopefully, it’s just a matter of some newer system app not being pushed yet to the new Cube which is causing this issue to reemerge and it will be fixed soon.

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  1. Greg says:

    Sence the Cube 3 is A OS 7 Operating software System. You could install the Tech Doctor App For Fire OS7 Devices. There’s a one of cost of 1 UK pound. And you can use it on any fire OS7 device/s . Just Go to his YouTube Channel and he Explains how it works and you can it from your Fire Cube etc. Basically you can Not just Force Stop All Apps but it Also clears All Cache. Etc.

    • hdmkv says:

      Have a link to the video where he talks about the app?

    • Strongstreams says:

      You can do the same for free with backround and processing app in fire store close all tab will force close all back round running apps

      • Greg says:

        Yes are right but you have to do each one at a time and for each one you have to force stop and then Clear Cache etc that’s OK if you have only a few apps to do but another of people have multiple of apps running in the back ground plus you can only this to your apps and not with operating software. Witch you I am pretty sure that this dose with the press of 2 buttons. And has the option to Reboot your Device at the same time. And For 1 UK pound €1.00 for as many OS 7 devices for ever. You Have Nothing to lose.

  2. AFTVUser says:

    Not at all surprising as removing any of what is the most popular functionality of the devices pretty much kills the product.

  3. Rugged D says:

    Can you map a custom button to Plex or Channels DVR?

  4. Bill Dryden says:

    Recently purchased a new Amazon fire tv stick 4K HDR and I want to stream IPT TV channels using Titv mate however I find there is no Developer Options on this fire stick to download outside apps.
    Is there anything I can do to get around this, thanks.

  5. Yoel says:

    Hello, I like your Downloader and I need to download it to my PC to transfer it to TV with a flash drive because I can’t download it from the Store, how can I download it?

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