Designer Echo Dots are Amazon’s 2nd round of crowdfunded products

Amazon has launched its 2nd round of Build It products for its crowdfunding program. This time around it is a set of 3 different Echo Dots designed by fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. Each one costs $59.99 during the pre-order period, which is $10 more than the regular list price of the Echo Dot. Should any of them reach their minimum order threshold by August 13, the price will then increase to $69.99.

As a reminder, Build It products only ship if they receive a minimum number of pre-orders by a set goal date. Amazon does not reveal the exact pre-order goal, but does indicate what percentage of the number of pre-orders have already been placed. If you pre-order the item, you will only be charged if the goal is met.

The first round of Build It products consisted of 3 Alexa Gadgets, which are accessories that work with Echo speakers. Only one product reached its pre-order goal, which was a Smart Sticky Note Printer. It’s set to be released sometime between now and September.

Echo Dots often go on sale for around $30. The lowest price that the 4th-gen version has ever been is $24.99 with a free smart bulb during this year’s Prime Day sale. Even though these designer Echo Dots are only $10 more than the regular price of the Echo Dot, you’re really paying about double when you factor in the sale prices.

If you’re interested in the 3 designs, which are called Midnight Kiss, Ikat, and Twigs, you have until August 13 to order at the cheaper $59.99 price. The price increases to $69.99 if the pre-order goal is met. The designer Echo Dots will ship between December 2021 and March 2022 and Amazon’s standard return policy applies, should you decide to return any of them.

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  1. JFC says:

    Ha! I kinda like the look of the designs shown above. But I already got a household full of Echo Dots… and don’t see the need to replace them just for the sake of “fashion”.

    I guess I’m just not a Diane von Furstenberg kind of guy! :-)

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