Deer Hunter 2016 released for all Amazon Fire TV devices


Deer Hunter 2016 has just been released for all Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Stick. This is one of the most popular hunting game franchises around and is carrying their success from Deer Hunter 2014 into this new game. The game already has over 1,000 reviews with a 4.2 star rating, due to it first being made available on phones and tablets a few months ago. WIth Deer Hunter 2016, you can pursue trophies, customize firearms and much more. The game is compatible with all Fire TVs, new and old, but does require a game controller to play.

  1. Lisa says:

    Worrying to see shooting and killing of animals glamorised in a computer game. Sad.

  2. Ana says:

    Worrying to see someone not understand this is a hunting game. It’s not glamorizing killing animals. In fact, the game teaches which animals are part of a protected species, which aren’t, & proper hunting practices. You do realize that hunters work to keep the animal populations they hunt healthy. Hunting of older breeding males is always preferred & hunting is carefully managed by state governments. Additionally, without hunting animals such as deer & pigs would overpopulate & destroy food crops, etc.

  3. Ana says:

    Haha. Hunting with bare hands, yeah that makes sense”roll eyes”. Even if you could hunt deer with your bare hands the amount of time an animal would suffer before it died would just be cruel. Just FYI as well, most deer die of starvation and/or freeze to death. I think instant death by a hunter’s bullet late in life is way more preferable than that. I’m done with this convo. You were a hoot though. See ya silly.

  4. Bill says:

    Ok ,, this is not true. deer hunter 2016 has no support for amazon fire tv as of January 28. I cannot get any answers as to why but it will not even supply a search result for deer hunter 2016.

    I was playing this and was in level 4 or 5 when there was an update and now it is no longer supported. I wrote GUE and received a generic answer.

    I would like the real answer. why is it no longer supported?

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