December is turning out to be a spectacular month for Amazon Fire TV apps

There have been over 100 new apps released for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick this month. That’s more than any previous month and we’re only a third of the way through December. Last week, the Fire TV appstore passed 800 apps and is well on it’s way to a thousand. The quantity of apps isn’t the only reason this month has been so great. The quality has been superb as well.

On the game front, we’ve seen big names like Rockstar release the immensely popular GTA: Chinatown Wars. LEGO has brought their Star Wars franchise and Telltale Games has brought their brand new Game of Thrones game. Big game studios aren’t the only ones giving the Fire TV some love. We saw the release of great indie games like Super Pixalo and the Kickstart backed game Whispering Willows.

Games aren’t the only apps making waves this month. No app has made a bigger wave than HBO Go which made it’s promised arrival on the Fire TV this month. Other universaly recognizable names like The Wall Street Journal, Slingplayer, and Pokémon TV have released streaming video apps in December.

Games and streaming video apps are definitely the most common on the Fire TV, but some killer utility apps have also arrived this month. Microsoft has contributed their first Fire TV app with their new photo sharing app Xim. The Fire TV has gained the ability to stream games from your PC with the addition of a new Limelight app. Even Amazon has made a contribution with an official Weather app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

The Fire TV and Fire TV Stick app ecosystem has never been so active and healthy as it has been this month. The new addition of HTML5 support should only fuel the fire even more for the month to come.

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