Cyber Monday Sale Roundup [Expired]

Here’s a list of various Fire TV related deals currently going on for Cyber Monday.


[amazon template=list&asin=B00CX5P8FC&TITLE=Amazon Fire TV&LIST_PRICE=$99.00&PRICE=$69.00]

[amazon template=list&asin=B005DKZTMG&TITLE=Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad&LIST_PRICE=$39.99&PRICE=$19.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00BB0ETW8&TITLE=FLIRC USB Dongle for Fire TV&LIST_PRICE=$$24.95&PRICE=$14.95]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00IKPYKWG&TITLE=Fire HD 7 Tablet&LIST_PRICE=$139.00&PRICE=$109.00]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00OC0USA6&TITLE=Amazon Fire Phone – No Contract&LIST_PRICE=$449.00&PRICE=$199.00]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00DR0PDNE&TITLE=Google Chromecast&LIST_PRICE=$35.00&PRICE=$22.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00J9P3KBS&TITLE=PlayPad Pro for Amazon Fire TV&LIST_PRICE=$34.99&PRICE=$19.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00MMWRKUC&TITLE=Fire TV Mount Mounting Kit + Silicone Remote Case&LIST_PRICE=$19.99&PRICE=$9.99]



[amazon template=list&asin=B004Y1WCDE&TITLE=Plex&LIST_PRICE=$4.99&PRICE=$1.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B004VD3YIM&TITLE=tinyCam Monitor PRO&PRICE=$1.39&LIST_PRICE=$2.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00MH3NSLQ&TITLE=Acorn Assault&LIST_PRICE=$4.99&PRICE=$2.50]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00P59ZWZO&TITLE=Disk Storage Viewer&PRICE=$0.99&LIST_PRICE=$1.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00M266JQE&TITLE=Soccertron&LIST_PRICE=$4.99&PRICE=$2.49]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00PGH8KYU&TITLE=Romantic Beach Time Lapse&PRICE=$0.70&LIST_PRICE=$1.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00IALNI4G&TITLE=Twin Robots&LIST_PRICE=$2.49&PRICE=$0.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00LW4DRLW&TITLE=Four Little Knights&PRICE=$0.39&LIST_PRICE=$1.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00Q3IK0AS&TITLE=Master Cleaner Pro&PRICE=$1.49&LIST_PRICE=$5.00]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00NXI21NA&TITLE=GetOuT! EDDY&LIST_PRICE=$2.23&PRICE=$0.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00PCOUNUG&TITLE=Swamp Defense 2&LIST_PRICE=$2.48&PRICE=$0.90]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00K1SLW3U&TITLE=The Secret of Universe Alpha&LIST_PRICE=$4.99&PRICE=$2.99]

[amazon template=list&asin=B00PH3YWF4&TITLE=Coral Fish Aquarium TV&PRICE=$0.69&LIST_PRICE=$2.99]

  1. Abel says:

    Heads up, the Fire TV box will sell for $69 this afternoon on

  2. Joker76 says:

    Been looking for a gamepad, but I’m not paying $40 for the Offical FTV one. According to Camel ³, the Playpad Pro has been the same price ($19.99) since it was first listed on Amazon back in April, so it’s not really a deal.

  3. jeremystyle says:

    Fingers crossed there is still some older stock floating out

  4. jeremystyle says:

    FireTV deal is live now as of 3:15 pm ET

  5. Abel says:

    Yep it’s on. Supposed to be for the next few hours at that price. Just bought one.

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