Correlation between Amazon Fire TV Serial Number and Rootability

It’s been speculated that there may be a correlation between the Amazon Fire TV’s serial number and the software version originally on the device. If it were true, then you could determine if a Fire TV was rootable before purchasing it at a retail store because the serial number is printed on the outside of the box. I’ve created a quick form to gather information about the Fire TV’s serial number, and I’d love if you’d take a minute to help the community by submitting your Fire TV’s information.

Submit Your Fire TV Information

  1. BlueKalel says:

    So far I have bought 5 AFTV. When I go to the store to buy one I look for the below serials and earlier. Everyone I bought are rootable and there are a lot out there. The Best Buy, Staples, and RadioShack around me all have assumed rootable serials.

    There’s definitely a correlation earlier serial earlier firmware. Unless it’s opened already then all bets are off.


    • ashsha says:

      7090030543120*** also come with root able firmware, Staple and best buy both has this.

      Best buy also 7090030342820***, 7090030342920** and 7090030543120***.

      I bought 1 from staples and 4 fire tv from best buy on 29-dec-14. However, i buy it asap since my local store were on low stock my guess is the new stock will come with latest firmware and those you cant root.

      p.s if you got an fire tv during holiday time frame from black friday to 24-dec-14, returned and exchange for another if you’re fire tv is already running the latest firmware which is not rootable.

      However, when you return it tell them it is defective, this way they will send it back to amazon and wont resell it someone else as open box item.

      Thank you

  2. fUji™ says:

    Pretty cool, I need a minimum of 3 units so I’ll go hunt for these serial numbers.

  3. loudsuv says:

    i bought the bundle pack from amazon a week ago
    it had ofw i followed all the guides i now have the latest
    cfw installed thanks to this site

  4. AG says:

    Any guess on the likelihood of getting a AFTV from amazon that is still rootable?

  5. Lolin says:

    Got mine on dec 15 from amazon and is rootable :)

  6. unknownsoldier says:

    Serial # 709002014106045J

  7. Colin says:

    Direct from
    sn 7090030944150k4j

    Unit did automatic update on first start up.

  8. ashsha says:

    look for anyone of these or order serial numbers.

    7090030543120*** staple has this one.

    Best buy has 7090030342820***, 7090030342920** and 7090030543120***.

  9. Darren says:

    Ordered a Amazon refurb on 1/2/15. It came rootable:

  10. Asmodeus says:

    Is (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 03) or (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) the preferred version?

    I’ve seen both 03/03 and 03/05 out there and unsure which one to hunt for or if there’s an even better version to look for.

  11. trojan4evr says:

    eiter will do (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 03) or (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) but I think all of my (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) units needed to be downgraded where (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 03) units didn’t. So go with (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 03) as your first choice and (HW Rev 03 Unit Rev 05) if you cant find any that don’t need downgrading(aftvnews’downgrading guide makes it easy).

  12. Frank Anthony says:

    Ordered 03/03/2015.


  13. DC CALLE says:

    Article does not apply to AFS made since at least 2018

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