Controversial BitTorrent downloader arrives on the Amazon Fire TV

A new official app has just been released in the Amazon Fire TV appstore. is a slightly controversial service that acts as a middle-man between you and video files found online. Instead of downloading or streaming a video from the internet directly, will download the video for you to their servers and then let you stream it to your devices from them.’s support for BitTorrent downloads has made it a popular service for downloading pirated content undetected. requires a paid subscription to use their service. Plans start at $9.99 per month / $99 per year for 100GB of cloud storage and increases the more storage you add. A 1-day trial is also available for $0.99.

Unlike most cloud storage services, like Dropbox or Amazon Drive, you cannot upload files directly to Instead, you provide with either a URL to where the video is located online or you upload a BitTorrent file for the video. will then download the video to their servers where you can then access the video by downloading it or streaming it to your devices. In the case of BitTorrent files, will also seed the file until it either reaches a set share ratio or for a set number of days, depending on your subscription plan.

One advantage of using over accessing a video directly is that it will often be available immediately and through reliable servers. If another user has already requested the same video be downloaded, you won’t have to wait for to download it, since it will already be on their servers.’s use of the Cloudflare CDN network means the stream to your devices should be fast and reliable.

While using to download BitTorrent files is likely how the service is most often used, it also supports a massive list of over 1,000 websites. By simply adding the URL of a supported web page where a video is embedded, that video will become easily streamable through the app on your Fire TV. Used that way, the service can be thought of as a universal “watch later” service for the web. has been available on the Fire TV platform before, through their Kodi add-on or Plex channel, but now they’ve released an official app. You can’t use the app to add or manage downloads, but you can search your files and stream them through the app. Strangely, the app is currently only available for the 3rd-gen Fire TV and for Fire TV Edition televisions, but I suspect that support for other Fire TV models will be added soon.

While there is absolutely nothing illegal about or the service it offers, there’s no denying that it is popular among the piracy community as a means to download or stream pirated content without being detected. The service is based in Turkey and their servers are in the Netherlands. There are multiple ways to pay for the service anonymously, which suggests to me that the company is aware of their clientele’s use of the service.


3/22/18 The app has been removed from the Fire TV appstore. It was available for less than 24 hours.

  1. roligov says:

    And it’s gone…

  2. Hackfleisch says:

    One wonders who has the free time at hand to exhaust the constant stream of new content for little money from various legal on demand streaming services plus YouTube etc. so he or she still feels the neef for piracy? I can’t nor do I want to spend hours a day in front of a TV, so I really wonder what kind of life these people lead.

    • inkyblinkypuddingandpie says:

      Some people are chronically ill and unable to get out, and unable to do much other than spend time in front of a TV. Being able to access a wide variety of media might be a significant lifeline for those people.

  3. TechyChris says:

    Does Amazon not vet apps BEFORE allowing them into the app store?
    Why go through the process (however much effort it takes) to get an app available only to have it immediately removed?

  4. Trololooooooo says:

    I was able to download it. I think i can Pull the APK in case you are interested

  5. rjdriver says:

    Yeah. Amazing this made it into the store. Although I am sure with a diligent search it can be found elsewhere, along with instructions on how to side load. Of course, there are other apps that perform a similar thing (without the cloud storage) for free.

    • Red says:

      Is there a “torrent player” that woks well on fire TV / stick? Something that allows clicking on a magnet, entering in a hash or .torrent and then plays the file?

      I use a Kodi add-on but would be happy not to have to use Kodi for the purpose if there is an app.

  6. zebrastik says:

    There’s a guide for side-loading the app.

  7. Xavier says:

    @Elias Saba First thank you for the wonderful you do here, I read you every day.
    You wrote “Unlike most cloud storage services, like Dropbox or Amazon Drive, you cannot upload files directly to”
    This is not true you can upload any file to your account. It’s very convenient in fact. is a great service, I’m sad their app was pulled out of the Store, usually Apple is more exasperating than Amazon to accepting apps in their store. Not here… The official app is in the Apple app store for a while now.

  8. John Sakovwsky says:

    Man, best way to go for sure is by far
    Integrates with just everything i swear

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