Confirmed: App storage only supported on MicroSD card, not USB drive, for 2nd-Gen Fire TV


When Amazon thankfully corrected their device specification page and changed the USB port from being for “Accessories Only” to being for “Accessories and media storage”, it seemed to indicate that a USB drive connected to the 2nd-gen Fire TV would not accept app transfers as is the case with the 1st-gen Fire TV. I have confirm that that is in fact the case. Apps on the new Fire TV can only be moved to a microSD card, not a USB drive. A connected USB drive does not appear anywhere in the new Fire TVs settings menu. It does, however, get mounted and its contents are fully accessible at /storage/usbotg by any app, such as Kodi, so the media storage capability is accurate. Limiting app storage to the microSD card was likely done to simplify the interface since you can have both a microSD card and a USB drive connected and mounted simultaneously. Amazon likely didn’t want customers juggling apps between various external storage devices. The microSD card can also be accessed by any app at the directory /storage/sdcard1.

  1. Stank says:

    Isn’t this a bit misleading of Amazon? They’ve fooled me by updating their product specs by calling it “media storage,” when they should have just left it “Accessories Only.” I’m a little annoyed with this and the gen 2 launch as a whole.

  2. Tinwarble says:

    Can you confirm if NTFS USB storage is supported.

    Also, the likely reason app storage was limited to the microSD card is for the same reason that the Shield is limited to app storage on it microSD, it’s a limitation of Android 5.x.

    Standard APIs for treating USB drives as internal storage want come until “M”.

  3. shoom says:

    hi when are you going to do a full review of the 4k playback option x265 etc ?

  4. Ulises Rodriguez says:

    I hope that sooner or later, some developers will come with a solution to use NTFS and exFAT on the FireTV, like the “Paragon exFAT NTFS & HFS+” APP, from Paragon Technologie GmbH, that unfortunately needs Root, and is available from the Google Play Store:…aragon.mounter

    Or perhaps the new “USB plugin” for Total Commander, also from Paragon Technologie GmbH… That you can access FAT32 and HFS+ storage devices in the READ ONLY mode right from your Android device. NO ROOT access needed:…lugins_ntfs_ro

    I really hope that this happens soon, because we really need urgent to use large files of over 4GB !!

    P.D. Please Elias, Excuse the double post, but I thought that this information could be very interesting for all …

  5. Ryan says:

    Any benefits for moving kodi to SD card? I know when I did it to my raspberry pi it gave it more space to buffer if I wanted to change xml to 0 Cache and fill up those Damn thumbnails

    • josh says:

      I’ve tried to move it over to an SD card without success, following the tutorial on this site, but substituting the new address name for the SD card (Not ExtUSB, it is now sdcard1).

      Haven’t had a chance to mess with it some more to see if I can get it to work.

  6. Joshua says:

    Does the Gen2 device allow “Data” to be moved off the 8GB internal flash to the microSD slot? I use the external USB solution as much as I can with my current Gen1 but some of the apps store all their data as “Data” and that 8GB goes very quick!

  7. Gareth says:

    I’m having an issue where if I disconnect or connect a usb something happens where my fire tv says the sd card is not present when I try an app. I eject the sd card and push it back in and all is well. Anyone had this yet?

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