Comcast takes its Xfinity Stream app for Fire TVs out of beta

Comcast has officially taken its Xfinity Stream app for Fire TV devices out of beta. The app first arrived on Fire TV devices in December 2020 with the title “Xfinity Stream Beta” and an app icon containing a “Beta” flag to indicate the app could be unstable at times. At some point over the last day or two, a new version of the app was uploaded to Amazon’s Appstore and with it, the “Beta” portion of the name was dropped and a new non-Beta icon was swapped in. The app interface itself is the same as the older Beta version, which is to be expected, but if you’ve ever had issues with the app in the past, hopefully, its official release from beta is a sign that most of the app’s issues have been worked out.

  1. gene r hughes sr says:

    how come the spectrum app isnt available on fire stick

    • Adam says:

      My perception is that Spectrum is much more oriented toward Apple’s ecosystem, for reasons that are, um… left to the reader’s speculation.

      I say this as a Spectrum Business internet customer that, because of a promotion, is paying for Spectrum Business TV support of an app that is only available on the Apple TV platform.

      The reader, as I said, is left to their own speculation as to who made this promotion profitable to Spectrum to offer.

  2. Greg says:

    Finally – almost like they forgot about it ;-)

  3. Robin Somerville says:


  4. Don says:

    wow comcast without the pig iron?

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