CNN+ to shut down one month after launch

CNN+, the paid streaming service from CNN that launched less than a month ago is already dead. The cable news network has announced that the service is shutting down on April 30th. CNN+ was meant to be a companion service to the CNN cable channel, as opposed to a replacement, like most channels that launch “+” services. That clearly didn’t go over well with consumers as estimates indicate the service received only 150,000 sign-ups and was seeing only 10,000 active daily users. CNN is giving employees, hired soley for the new service, pay and benefits for the next 90 days and at least six months’ severance.

  1. Craig says:

    LMAO! LMAO!! LMAO!!! And Fox Nation’s been around for 4 years now.

    • Junior says:

      LMAO! LMAO!! LMAO!!! But now with Discovery and Warner merge, they can combine service in a “combo” like Disney+ with ESPN, Hulu or Star+……

      Discovery streaming services + Warner service = LMAO! LMAO!! LMAO!!!

      • Mike says:

        Really, I think between the 2 (Discovery and Warner) they’ll probably have SOMETHING worth watching. They’re not that bad.

    • Keith says:

      First, I called this one. No one wants to pay money to get more Anderson Cooper and Wolfe Blitzer talking about parenting or some crap.
      Second, I wouldn’t be bragging too much. Fox is total entertainment at this point. CNN is bad, but it hasn’t quite gotten to the point where the viewers are actual fans that hate the (insert your rival sports team.)
      In fact before YouTube started prioritizing the big networks with their algorithms, CNN was being beaten by tiny indie content providers (in some cases Im talking abouta kid with a web cam talking about world events with sub par audio).

  2. Mark says:

    I feel bad for Chris Wallace…

  3. Rik Emmett says:

    People turned to the internet for news because of CNN. It didn’t make sense to try to market the same product to a customer base that had already rejected them.

  4. spliff says:


    This had nothing to do with politics or whatever boogieman and imagined nonsense crawls up conservaderp snatches every morning. The merger (essentially) of Discovery and Warner brought in new management who had different ideas of direction for streaming services than the old management from pre-merger Warner Media. The latter went full steam ahead even though the merger could change things (as it has), and the incoming team couldn’t even communicate with the outgoing team to stop the launch completely due to SEC rules on these sorts of deals.

  5. Tom Wooden says:

    What is cnn?

  6. mrvco says:

    CNN seriously misjudged their target demo.




  7. Rik Emmett says:

    Many streaming sources also offered CNN News for free. Why pay for +?

  8. KraziJoe says:

    CNN is a 24/7 station. I don’t understand what they were trying to do with CNN+. I checked it out, not much there that I couldn’t find elsewhere. They took a chance and missed. Happens all the time.

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