CNN releases new CNNgo app for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices

CNN has just released a new CNNgo app for all Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition devices. They released their first Fire TV app last year but, for whatever reason, have decided not to update that app and, instead, release the new app under a new listing instead.

If you have the old CNNgo app with a black icon, it likely will not automatically update itself to the new app that uses a white icon. You should probably manually uninstall the black icon CNNgo app and install the new white icon app. You can uninstall the app by going to the Fire TV’s Settings area, selecting the “Application”s menu, selecting “Manage Installed Applications,” selecting the CNNgo app, and then selecting the Uninstall option.

The original CNNgo app has a poor 2.6 out of 5 star rating. By releasing the new app under a new listing, it allows CNN to essentially reset that rating and start from scratch with no negative reviews for the new app. That could be the sole reason for not simply updating the original app listing, like most apps would do.

Many of CNN’s poor app reviews are due to requiring a cable subscription to activate the app before one can watch full episodes or the live stream that is available in the app. Unfortunately, that hasn’t changed with the new app, so you still need to activate the app to view the vast majority of the content.

If you’re looking for a completely free US news app for the Fire TV that has a live stream and doesn’t require activation, try the CBS News app. If you want a more global news app that is live and free, try Sky News or Al Jazeera

  1. Mark says:

    NBC News app is also free but performance is not stellar, but not quite ‘meh’ either. PQ is excellent.

  2. Rose Gayden says:

    Can I download Cnn of Amazon fire stick with wireless interenet.

  3. Diane Moreno says:

    I downloaded CNN GO but I don’t have a TV provider. I have an antenna. Is there another way to get CNN?

  4. Woodiana says:

    Does the the fire stick has the CNN channel

  5. Daniel says:

    CNNgo on the fire stick is nice BUT, i just counted 18 commercials, mainly promoting CNN itself. When the live feed finally came back on, it was in the middle of a discussion meaning I missed out on 8 min of the conversation due to ALL the nonsense commercials.

  6. Tiffany Williams says:

    I downloaded the app and have a subscription but it won’t allow me to sign in not giving the activation code just keeps sending me to a black white screen

  7. William R Hull says:

    Does anyone have the phone number for ordering a CNN subscription that does not go through the third party snippet. Which is someone trying to sell you something you don’t want if you don’t buy it or don’t want it and hang up from the frustration of them not cooperating they block your number with the tagline sorry your phone number is out of the service area and using a friend’s phone next door I found out that hers wasn’t out of the service area a hundred foot from my phone and we both use the same carrier so please help me buy a CNN subscription so I don’t go through the snippet process which seems at the very best legal but highly controversial when it comes to CNN getting the money that you’re trying to give them to buy their subscription rather than a product that you don’t want or don’t need

  8. Kat says:

    Same problem in Dec 2920

  9. Reinder de Boer says:

    Got spectrum. Either login every time or it just doesn’t work. GARBAGE

  10. Janet says:

    It’s not ideal, but CNN (and MSNBC) live AUDIO streams are available on Tune In. I listen for free on an Alexa device. Say “Alexa, play CNN from Tune In.” I don’t have a cable subscription, but at least I can hear the news.

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